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A Divergence from Rhode Island Divorce! CISPA must be Stopped!

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We have a real legal problem here and it isn't related just to divorce!

It's related to PRIVACY!  It's been on the horizon for a while but now it's on our doorstep and the companies we love to share our data and social information on are now turning against us and going to to bed with the lobbyists!  Imagine if Facebook, Twitter and Google were in favor of a law that gave the government access to all of our information and data without question.  No warrants, no subpoenas, no right of privacy, no due process of law.... NOTHING!!!  

Privacy would go out the door under the US Constitution because of this new law.  It's called CISPA for short and it just passed the House of Representatives.   The government already has so much power in our lives.  Do you want them to be privy to even every little post or profile information that you put on your social websites when that is exactly what it takes to rank on the search engines.  These companies offer us all these great "tools" so subtly and yet what if the plan all along is to be the puppet of the government so the government can invade our every waking though, know what we upload, download, listen to, watch, post, talk about, even our private emails are gone because the government has the right to know it without any due process at all.  

Fight for the Future needs your help.  I don't have much.  Times are tough what with helping all my clients through difficult times but I'm going to help and I'm going to stand by this.  If you don't know what this means, take the time to read up on it.  These are NOT rights we want to lose.  You might as well think of it as the Federal Government and everything you post becomes the property to, if not accessible and usable by the federal government.  

The end result, Your Privacy as Guaranteed by the United States Constitution is GONE!  This one law would deprive you of it.  Get informed people!  This is as serious as it gets on a global scale.  The companies we trust to provide us with good, enjoyable connecting services are selling us out.  Do I know what's behind the scenes?  No, I don't, but I know that companies that should be fighting in for their client's privacy are rolling over like dogs to get their tummies scratched.

We have ONE chance!  Just ONE chance and if we blow it then we are SCREWED and the chances of reversing this law aren't going to amount to a hill of beans.  FightfortheFuture.org is fighting for all of us.  They need our help and support both by our action and our contributions.  I'm in and frankly I don't mind saying that money is tight and I don't have any money besides my budget to work with but I'll sell what I have to sell on this one, my guitar, my laptop, even my time at 1/10th of the price for a month.  Yes, it means that much.  

People who know me can tell you I'm taking this more than seriously.  I'll live on peanut butter if I have to save money on food.  Do I sound extreme?  Sorry if you think so of if you are offended but this is the way it is.  I never get on a bandwagon.... and I mean NEVER.... but this means killing our right to privacy over the biggest risk there is .... the internet... without ANY due process at all.  So there's my post.   I advise everyone reading this to subscribe to FightfortheFuture.org and do your part.  Last year Millions of people signed a petition and it stopped it's brother law called SOPA.  But now they've renamed it CISPA and taken a different approach with approximately the same result, our favorite companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook aren't backing us this time.  

If you aren't aware that the 5 major internet providers in the world have already made a agreement with the government to monitor everything we do but not tell us.  If you didn't know that and it doesn't bother you then you have a problem with ignorance.  Does it matter to you if the government can access any comments to your friends, your private emails, your uploads and downloads, where your children are and when, what your spouses look like, what your weaknesses are, who the most important people in your life are, whether you have commented about receiving money under the table, or whether you have pirated movies, what sites you have accounts on, what games you play, what accounts connect to what other accounts, where you work, where your children go to school, photos of who you love look like, etc.....

Do you see the implications?  I"m taking this seriously and so should every attorney and any person who shares "personal" information with other people.  What if you suddenly are targeted because you express political views contrary to what the government computers flag and tag.  Could you possibly receive repercussions?  YOUR RIGHT TO PRIVACY IS ON THE VERGE OF BEING TAKEN FROM YOU!  Your choice!  Are you going to give it up without a fight?  NOT ME!  

Our forefathers fought and died for these rights for a reason.  Our fight doesn't involve our lives but the people behind FightForTheFuture.org are mobilizing us and they need out help to save YOUR right to privacy.  IF we lose this valuable right, we ALL lose it!  WE can't let it happen!  Spread the Word!  Sign up at that website.  Contribute what little or as much as you can.  

How much is YOUR PRIVACY WORTH?  See why I'm on the soapbox?  I don't have enough money to contribute to tell you how much this right is worth to me.  What about you?