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UnCover the Magic Some Lawyers Use so Uncontested Divorces Remain That Way!

It's a mistake to think that RI Divorce Lawyers don't play a role in an uncontested divorce.  Believe it or not, your divorce lawyer can work some magic to make your life easier if he or she is skilled enough to do recognize that subtle changes can make huge differences.

Imagine that you approach an attorney with what seems to be an uncontested divorce between both husband and wife .  No matter how uncontested a divorce seems to be, it is a fragile thing because it involves people's emotions and relationships.  The wrong word or the wrong tact can turn an uncontested divorce into a tsunami.  Trust me, because I've seen it numerous times.

If the attorney drafts the Complaint for Divorce yet uses a few aggressive words, a demand for alimony, requesting exclusive use and possession of the marital home or that the other spouse pay all the debt.  Then it's possible that as well intentioned as you and your spouse may be, the attorney's language may end the "uncontested" tenor of the divorce very abruptly.

When the Defendant receives the Divorce Complaint, how might he or she react?  It would be very easy to be upset, angry, and less than cooperative from that point forward.

With a little magic of skillful creative language, a good divorce lawyer can word the Divorce Complaint in a non-threatening and aggressive manner and protect the divorce from becoming "contested."

Let's consider another situation.  If the attorney for the plaintiff in an uncontested divorce has the Defendant served by a Sheriff, it is more likely that the Defendant will become upset and defensive and much less cooperative from that point forward.  He or she might feel threatened, embarrassed, intimidated and start considering that the plaintiff is going to try to take advantage of him or her.

With a little magic, experience, and knowing how to handle an uncontested divorce delicately, a good RI lawyer could engage a plain-clothed, friendly, constable instead of a sheriff.  Isn't that a lot less threatening?  The lawyer could even arrange for the Defendant to have feel as though he or she has control of the service process by calling the person first and telling the Defendant that the plaintiff doesn't want to embarrass or inconvenience the person and so "if it agreeable to the defendant" a guy named Mark or Tony (the name of a constable) will be calling him or her to find out what the person would feel is most comfortable.  That way, the defendant is more likely to feel more at ease and cooperative in the proceeding because the service of process was uneventful and respectful.

 Do these things seem small?  Too small to be called "Magic?"  

I would have to disagree.

These are all psychological points that a truly good lawyer will know are necessary to help an uncontested divorce remain just that "uncontested."  A good lawyer knows that you even the smallest details are important to achieve that "uncontested divorce" goal for the client.

Here's the the crux of the problem.  Usually the longer a lawyer is involved in a case the more money they make.  If a matter is uncontested then attorneys makes a small fee.  If a lawyer creates controversy, even by small things like this (namely ones that can be explained away fairly easily) then a lawyer can make more money.

So why do I call it magic?  I believe it is magic to find a good lawyer who bypasses controversy and focuses on creating and maintaining an amicable divorce atmosphere.  Magic often has to do with redirecting a person's focus so that everything seems and truly is just fine.  Yet in the end anxiety and distrust vanish so that the parties can resolve their divorce amicably.

Doyou want an amicable uncontested divorce?  Then it is important to remember that there are many "magic tricks" to keeping a divorce amicable and prevent it from becoming contested.  Over the years I have learned many subtle psychological and practical techniques to help people get through a divorce amicably, economically and as quickly as possible.

The magic of uncontested divorces and keeping divorces amicable is a subtle yet magnificent talent that I have endeavored to perfect over the years for my clients.

With me, clients like you come first!  So why is this "Magic" so important and why do I want to use it to help clients?  The answer is in my own history.  I've already walked the path you are about to walk and I wouldn't wish it upon my clients.

For those who want an amicable and uncontested divorce, you'll find that I probably have the magic it takes to make your divorce go just a little bit smoother.

 I won't say I'm another David Copperfield.  

Why?  Because David puts the things back that he makes disappear.

My Very Best to You in Addressing Your Family Law Issues,
Attorney Christopher A. Pearsall aka "The Rhode Island Divorce Coach."®

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