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Psychological Aspects Rhode Island Divorce Lawyers Should Consider!

Rhode Island divorces may be about legal issues and a whole lot more.  Divorces prompt not only legal issues but are instrumental in what people understand to be the dissolution of their relationship with their spouse and on lesser levels with their children and extended family.   Due to this psychological connection that is made to the legal divorce process, there are more than just legal issues that divorce lawyers need to address.

Due to the mental connection many people make between the legal divorce process and its perceived connection to the destruction of their life, the parties in a divorce often have feelings ranging from deep-seated anger to intense feelings of rejection.

Modern day lawyers need to realize that it is not simply enough to refer a client to a marriage, divorce, or individual counselor or therapist.

Clients today need to know that lawyers are not only doing their job but that the attorney is doing his or her job but also understands the personal struggles they are going through.  Divorce lawyers in a proper mindset will work with a client for the client’s best interests and realize that the client may experience periods of anger during which they hastily instruct the lawyer to take action which is likely to make their divorce proceeding worse rather than better.  Sometimes it is up to the lawyer to understand and appreciate this and calm the client or wait until the client has become more level-headed and not act on instructions given in the “heat of the moment.”

By the same token, lawyers need to understand and appreciate the pain the client may be going through and be prepared to listen to the client and his or her troubles in order to better understand what the client is going through.  This is true even if it means sacrificing some billable time on the client’s case in favor of being a better lawyer and counselor for their client.

As a lawyer focusing in divorce law I often err on the side of listening more to a client’s troubles, feelings of helplessness, or lack of understanding so that I can be a better lawyer for the client in the long run. 

The end result, care about the client more than the almighty dollar and you will be the better lawyer for it and your client will have a better chance to reach a more successful tomorrow for them.

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