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RI Divorce Lawyers Who Have a Home-Based Practice May Be Just who you Want!

There's something to be said for the old saying "Joint Judge a Book By It's Cover!"  Many Attorneys have shifted to the home based business model to provide high quality services at lower prices due to the national economy.  Yet it's a mistake to underestimate or misjudge a divorce attorney simply by a stereotyping the lawyer by his or her home-based business setup.

Home based businesses are more economical for clients.  They create tax breaks and overall savings that can be passed along to clients.  Home based surroundings relieve the "stuffy" atmosphere of law practice offices and allow the clients to relax and be themselves so they can feel free to share their pertinent facts and circumstances with the divorce attorney which enables him or her to provide better, more accurate advice, for the client often at reduced rates.

While clients have relied upon the "fancy" law firm approach of lawyers in the past, the new home based model is more flexibile and allows for lawyers even to care for disabled spouses who may require monitoring or assistances at various times in another part of the building.  This enables a partial merger of both home and business lives of the attorneys for those clients who are open-minded enough to realize that the caliber of the attorney is not judged by his or her surroundings or degrees posted upon the wall, but rather on his or her experience over time, skill in the area practiced in whether it be divorce, estates or contract law and the lawyer's integrity.

So when confronted with a home based business lawyer, don't judge the lawyer by the external surroundings.  You'll be judging a book merely by it's cover and you may well pass up the best lawyer for your case merely because you judged simply by outward appearances.

All My Best to You on Your Journey Through The RI Family Court,
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