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"Carol's Comment"

Yesterday I received a comment to my article on Rhode Island Divorce Tips entitled "Inconsistencies III".  I deleted it as a comment but I'm by no means burying it.  I think I makes a significant statement and deserves a blog space of it's own. 

Here is the comment by "Carol":

Complain, complain, whine, whine, whine. For someone who probably (if we buy in to the hype) makes a great deal of money (and is a member of a profession that has, at best, a less-than-stellar reputation), you sure do complain and lay blame (on the judge, on the other lawyer, on the client, on the court system). You never do anything wrong, do you? Maybe you are just not competent in regard to your chosen profession. Maybe you cannot get your points across to the judge, and so you confuse him or her. (Or to your clients. Think about it.) Maybe your clients are paying you too much for below-average representation. Why are you complaining? Just do your job. Why are you spending time on blogging (and you are not even good at writing)? It sounds as though you should be brushing up on your law facts, and maybe looking in the mirror for once.

To say the least the comment is harsh, biased, mentions no facts, doesn't indicate the position it's written from and takes my article in my blog entirely out of context.

There is no complaining or whining in that blog article, nor is there in any of my other articles for that matter.  The articles are instructional and provide for the reader insights that I have as a practitioner that most laypeople and even most lawyers don't consider.

Carol's comment on being in a profession with a less-than-stellar reputation makes me wonder why she is so bitter and what she has based her opinion of lawyers  on.  Is it an instance with a single divorce lawyer, it is from the position of a disgruntled client who didn't get what she wanted and was simply looking for someone to blame?

Carol's comment raises more questions than it answers.  The only clear perspective that comes through Carol is that for whatever reason you are bitter.

I spend my time blogging because I believe people should be informed about divorce and all aspects having to do with family law issues.  If you don't like my writing, you are certainly free to browse to another blog or web page.  I will not be offended.  That's precisely what I do.

Carol's comment on my Rhode Island Divorce Tips Site is, unfortunately, an attack on me as an attorney and blogger personally.  Where this comes from is beyond me but it is clear to me that wherever this bitter comment came from it is not from knowing me or my practice personally or it comes from a client who simply didn't get what he or she wanted in their divorce proceedings due to either, matters outside my control, or unreasonable expectations of the client.

I do hope Carol takes time to read an article or two on this blog.  Pointing out a whole, difficulty, deficiency or a place where the system needs improvement is a way of educating and is a proactive way to advocate for change.  Turning it into complaining and whining relegates it to banter about husbands at the local Dunkin Donuts and does it a disservice.

In closing, I can assure Carol that I look at myself frequently to make changes and improve skills for my clients (though not in the mirror) and I am my harshest critic.  Your blog comment makes assumptions that don't apply to me in the least and close colleagues would tell you that because I'd give a person the shirt off my back I don't make a "stellar" or even "moderate" income.

All in all, I do want to thank you for commenting on my Rhode Island Divorce Blog Carol.  Though it was particularly harsh and critical, it gave me time to reflect once again to insure that my practice and my attitude about educating others remains on point.  And if there is a particular "law fact" that you believe I have written about incorrectly, please call it to my attention and I will gladly update my article.

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