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The Dangers of Affordable Rhode Island Lawyers in Divorce Cases!

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Authored By:  Christopher Pearsall, RI Divorce Attorney
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Lawyers in the State of Rhode Island are admitted to the general practice of law.  There are no procedures for recognition of specialization in any area of law.

So what significance does this have for you if you are looking for an attorney to handle your divorce?

Imagine this.  You go out searching for an attorney to handle your divorce proceeding competently but cost is an issue for you and everyone else these days.  Everyone is looking for an affordable divorce using a lawyer.

Yet competency has it's price.  It would be very easy in an economy such as we have now in the middle of the 2012 depression to go into a lawyer's office that looks impressive and meet with a man or woman in a nice suit who in a short period of time comes across as competent and knowledgeable about the legal system itself and throws out a few terms about divorce or even gives you misinformation that you don't realize is incorrect.  The lawyer quotes you an affordable retainer and rate and suddenly you have hired a lawyer you feel comfortable will handle your divorce for you.

But, did you do right by yourself or did you just enter into an agreement to waste your money?

In today's economy many practices are not doing well.  Real estate attorneys for instance have been hurting in Rhode Island for business for over a year now.  Unfortunately, when things get tight and bills need to be paid, lawyers in real estate might need to go outside their area of expertise and accept a divorce case even if they have never done one before.

What would you think if you found out you just hired a real estate lawyer to handle your divorce case?  Might you be a little concerned?  I know that I would just in the way I wouldn't want a master electrician coming in to handle installing my septic system because that isn't what he is skilled at.  Just because a lawyer "can" do something by law doesn't mean that he or she should do it.  Yet too many attorneys who don't know what they are doing offer very affordable rates because they don't have the experience they should in the Rhode Island Family Court.

In some cases, if you are paying a lawyer who doesn't know what he or she is doing in the family court system then you might as well do it yourself.

It's great for lawyers to be affordable, but are they skilled in what you want them to do for you?

I'm glad to be an affordable and skilled lawyer in the family court for many people.  It makes all the difference when you can offer both.

Just be careful when you go to hire an attorney for your divorce.  Make sure they are both affordable and skilled in the area of divorce by regular practice in the family court.