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Protect your Family . . . Make Sure You have a Will!

Do you have anyone that you care about? If so, you may want to consider insuring that you have a Will drawn up by a competent Rhode Island Lawyer.

For many people, having their Last Will and Testament Drawn up is the last thing on their minds. Of course the reason for this is fairly obvious. Very few people want to think about their death and many times loved ones don't want to talk about it either because the thought of losing that loved one simply brings up unpleasant feelings.

Yet having a Will is important if their are people in your life that you care about and things that you have acquired during your life. Your Last Will and Testament is your chance to insure that things are distributed to your loved ones, favorite charities, etc... even after you are gone. It's your opportunity to provide for the people in your life that took care of you or that were closest to you.

If you have the opinion that you don't care about what happens to your things after you are gone simply because you are no longer present, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, yet I invite you to think again.

Probating an estate can be far from enjoyable for the people who are left behind. If you die without a will (intestate) and have assets and/or obligations sufficient that the Probate Court needs to be called into play, you may be putting a loved one through not only your death but the horrible task of dealing with your failure to plan for your death by simply creating a Will to tell the world what you wanted to happen with your belongings.

If you don't plan ahead and decide what to do, then the state (by way of the Probate Court) will decide for you and that may be very unpleasant for those that are left behind.

It's poor planning and shows a lack of care and concern for those your are leaving behind to simply assume that people will simply take what they want or that specific loved ones will receive what you have told them verbally that you want them to have.

Without a Will, or reciprocal Wills for a couple with children, sudden death for both parents involved in a car crash or some similar tragedy (unfortunately an event that occurs all too often) will leave the children without a legal guardian to protect their interests and look out for their well-being.

When you create your Last Will and Testament, you determine the way you want things to be . . . . without a Will . . . the state will decide what is best.

You be the judge. Who would be better off making good decisions about your property, your debts, your children and your life's holdings.

I'd bet on you every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Feel free to contact me if you are in Rhode Island and need to form your Last Will and Testament economically and effectively.


All My Best to You on Your Journey Through The RI Family Court,

Attorney Christopher A. Pearsall - "The Rhode Island Divorce Coach"™