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Should Your Rhode Island Divorce Settlement Anticipate Your Death?

Testimonial for Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer* Christopher A. Pearsall


"I was expecting this divorce to be a long and drawn out process and it was the complete opposite.  

Chris was not only very affordable but he also explained everything to me very clearly from start to finish.  Before I knew it he was handing me my divorce decree.

Chris was not only my lawyer.  He became my friend and someone I can trust."

- Retail Store Manager (RI)


[SPECIAL NOTE:  Attorney Pearsall realizes family law matters are difficult enough and therefore names are not provided so clients maintain their privacy.  Attorney Pearsall has developed a policy of publishing only the profession and location of any testimonial to protect the private lives of all his clients. All testimonials are unsolicited without any compensation of any kind.  These testimonials are authentic and used with the permission of the client.]

*The Rhode Island Supreme Court licenses attorneys solely in the general practice of law and has no recognition of specialty in any particular area of law.

Attorney Pearsall is noted as a divorce lawyer because his practice is focused solely in the area of Rhode Island Divorce and Family law issues.