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Inexpensive Divorces using Rhode Island Divorce Lawyers - Do they exist?

Certainly the most inexpensive divorce is the "Do It Yourself" divorce!

Are people doing it?  Yes they are.  In fact, based upon a very rough estimate from talking with a few of the assistant clerks at the Providence Family Court over several months it may be up as high as 75% of people now trying to go through their divorce on their own.

The more people that do it, the more people think that it is easy and/or simple to be their own lawyers and go through their divorces without spending money for a lawyer.

Can your divorce be done this way?  Yes, it can be.  Should you go this inexpensive route?  Some judges today are helping people through the process here and there.  Should you do it without a decent amount of guidance from a lawyer who practices divorce law?  I can't give my seal of approval to that kind of inexpensive divorce.  Why?  Too many mistakes that are likely to come back and bite you in the behind.

Okay, so what about inexpensive divorces using a Rhode Island lawyer?  Are there inexpensive RI Lawyers out there who will help you through your divorce and can they be found?  Yes, there are some lawyers who offer bottom dollar prices to do uncontested divorces.

Can your divorce be done this way?  Yes, it can.  Should you go this inexpensive route?  That one is a loaded question.  Extremely low prices are an indicator of a Rhode Island lawyer who might be going outside his or her field of expertise to handle a divorce thinking its easy.  In that case you may be paying a lawyer to represent you who doesn't know anything more about divorce than the regular citizen who doesn't know anything either.  In that case you would be paying a lawyer who doesn't know what he or she is doing.

Extremely low prices by experienced family law and divorce attorneys may also indicate desperation because their practice is failing or they are losing income hand over fist due to the bad economy.  The less the attorney gets paid compared to what he or she may think they are worth, the less incentive there is for the attorney to do a good job for you.  In that scenario you take your chances.

Okay, so what about a combination of representing yourself together with the guidance of an experienced Rhode Island divorce practitioner who agrees to be paid less than than he or she may be worth in the open market because the attorney is guiding you and no doing all the extra work the attorney would do but that you could do just as well with a little help.

Sounds like a great combination to me.  

Imagine that you handle the divorce yourself so that you remain in control of your own divorce.  The deadlines then depend on you.  No more bugging a divorce attorney to get something done that you wanted done a week ago.  It helps you to get things done as fast as you want them done and not the attorney.

Imagine being informed about how the process works so you don't look like an idiot and the paperwork is done right the first time instead of having it rejected several times by the clerk's office because you didn't know how to do it right and the assistant clerks aren't allowed to give you legal advice.

Imagine knowing your legal rights so you can decide for yourself what the outcome should be on any settlement with your spouse instead of relying on an attorney to decide what is best for you or explaining it to you in a way that simply settles the case rather than explaining it in a way so you decide for yourself what you think is best for YOUR life.  After all, who knows your life and what is best for you better than YOU?  NO ONE.

I saw the need for this last approach years ago as the economy was going down hill.  I could see people needing help but I wasn't willing to throw all my experience out the door.  Yet I didn't mind charging less and doing less at the same time.

My Coaching and Legal Advice Sessions are the answer to what people need today.  I give you the best of what I have and what you need... my legal knowledge on all aspects of Rhode Island divorces.  Yet if I take out doing the paperwork myself and the court appearance, then I don't mind charging a heck of a lot less than my divorce services would be worth.  People get the best of both worlds.

I created coaching for people just like you.  I've tried to create a minimal number of sessions, work as fast as I can with you and even provide you with examples so that you have something to work with that in some instances actually gives you the answers you want or need to fill out forms or to work with your spouse.

Everything is confidential as well!  I even give private classes to explain how the process works to couples as long as things remain generic and I don't answer legal questions for either party about their particular situation.  However, as you might expect, classes are not confidential, they are merely informational just as if I were giving the class at a school.  Yet I work with you to do this on your schedule as much as possible.

All of these things are relatively inexpensive at $145 for a minimum of one hour but they are chalked so full of information you'll wish you had a photographic memory.

I invite you to contact me at (401) 632-6976 now to set up your low-cost appointment so you can understand your divorce and handle it right.  Be sure to leave a message so I can get back to you as soon as possible.


All my Best to All Who Go Before the Rhode Island Family Court,

I am Attorney Christopher A. Pearsall and I am "The Rhode Island Divorce Coach."