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An Uncontested RI Divorce Tip for those who want to avoid Attorneys Looking to Line their Pockets!

Here's a simple tip that adversarial lawyers sometimes use to get your business. They tell you they are on your side and that they are more than agreeable but that it is the other attorney that your spouse may already have that is very difficult to work with and therefore if things seem drawn out it is because of the other lawyer.

Usually the situation is the contrary.  Recently an attorney was hired by a client.  I have it on good authority that the attorney told the prospective client that I was a very difficult to deal with and that it was almost impossible to reach an agreement with me.

Frankly, this is a fabrication.  I am about as easy to deal with as they get as long as you aren't trying to back my client into a corner or believe that you have some sort of entitlement to more than half the marital estate for reasons that don't support your belief.

When I received the attorney's Complaint for Divorce against my client, it asked literally for everything... short of the kitchen sink.  

Wouldn't it make sense that the RI divorce attorney who is disagreeable or is "nearly impossible to reach an agreement with" would be the attorney who asked for EVERYTHING?  It's just common sense.  Yet most client's miss it.  They disregard what they have said and sometimes get caught up in their own misrepresentations. 

Ultimately, what may happen is that the attorney may well prolong a divorce, make promises he or she can't delivery on and should not be promising under an attorney's Rules of Professional Conduct.

The end result could well be that the particular attorney prolongs the matter to get more money out of you, destroys your family, hurts your children and ends up wasting your time and money in a longer Rhode Island Divorce matter that was unnecessary all because that lawyer needed to send his or her child to a private school or to fund the attorney's 3rd vacation for the year in Greece, etc...

People don't deserve to be used.  As a person, a client, a paralegal, a divorce lawyer and a professional I don't appreciate colleagues who do this.  They lose my respect and they disrespect our profession and do their own clients an injustice.

Don't be a victim of your own Rhode Island Divorce Attorney!  Keep your eyes and ears open.  If you hear and/or see inconsistencies that don't make logical sense then be sure to pay attention to that little warning bell in your head.

I cannot reasonably identify the client or attorney in the case I am talking about here, but the warning signs are clear and while a slick lawyer can explain them away as normal or part of a template, or simply to trust the attorney because this is the way things are done but if you are looking for an amicable divorce that leaves your life and your children substantially unharmed and you hear your lawyer blaming the other lawyer but drafting a Complaint that asks for literally EVERYTHING then use your common sense.  

The attorney you hired is most likely adversarial and based upon his or her own financial gains and not your best interests.  I've seen too much of this and too many families destroyed by these destructive attorneys.  Don't let yours be the next one!  Be aware of what your RI Divorce Attorney says and does!  Common Sense tells you the rest!

All my Best to All Who Go Before the Rhode Island Family Court,

I am Attorney Christopher A. Pearsall and I am "The Rhode Island Divorce Coach."