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RI Divorce Risks - A Mistake You Could Make without a RI Divorce Lawyer!

In a Rhode Island Divorce you could represent yourself.  In fact, many people are representing themselves these days.  This is called being "Pro Se."  

Unfortunately it's easy to make a mistake in your Rhode Island divorce without a lawyer advising you about the pros and cons of what you are doing.  Words are everything in the legal profession.  I once heard former Rhode Island Supreme Court Justice Joseph Weisberger wisely say "A good lawyer must become a master at wording because every word counts."

Take the example of Natalie and Jason.

Natalie and Jason didn't want to spend money on hiring even a single lawyer and neither one of them wanted to get legal advice or coaching for their divorce.  They both decided to simple use the forms and examples the court provided and watch a few uncontested divorces and they would just repeat what the other people had said.

Natalie and Jason got lucky they even made it through their divorce proceeding.  The judge felt bad for them and helped them get through the hearing.  However, the judge did not give them legal advice or the consequences of what they were agreeing to and asking the court to order.  This makes complete sense since the judge is the decision maker and not the advocate for either party in the divorce.

Jason asked that Natalie be kept on his health insurance pursuant to "the Rhode Island Act" because all the people and attorneys he had seen before him had asked for exactly the same thing.  Jason figured it must be something standard that is included in every Rhode Island divorce.  Jason said nothing else about health insurance.

Jason later demanded that Natalie give him her share of the cost for her part of the insurance.  Natalie refused.  Jason filed a Motion to Adjudge Natalie in Contempt.  

On Jason's hearing date the judge gave Jason the chance to prove Natalie had violated the judge's order in the divorce since she had not paid Jason for her part of the insurance which amounted to $623.52 per month.  

Jason pointed to the line in their Final Judgment of Divorce which stated that Natalie would remain on his health insurance pursuant to "the Rhode Island Act."  The judge asked Jason where it said in the Final Judgment or "the Rhode Island Act" that Natalie had to pay the difference.  Jason had nothing to point to because there was no language that said Natalie had to pay the difference.

The end result?  Jason was ordered to keep Natalie on his health insurance and to continue to pay the entire premium.

Sadly, Jason had the opportunity to get Rhode Island divorce coaching for only $145.00 and he could have saved himself $7,482.24 in just the first year Natalie remained on his health insurance.

It's too easy to make a mistake when you represent yourself.  Do yourself a favor!  Don't victimize yourself simply because you refuse to get help.  I've made help affordable for most people and you can receive answers to quite a few questions in a 1 hour coaching session.

Give me call.  It may be one of the most valuable investments you've ever made.

All My Best to Everyone With a Case Before the Rhode Island Family Courts,

I am Attorney Christopher A. Pearsall and I am "The Rhode Island Divorce Coach."

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