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An Important Step to Protect Your Privacy When You are Being Followed, Recorded or Watched in Connection with a RI Divorce!

Are you in a RI Divorce?  Do you suspect that your spouse or your spouse's Rhode Island attorney is having you watched, tracked, or recorded?  

While there are many important steps that can, and many times should be taken to protect your privacy. This one tends to be higher on my priority list when protecting my clients.

First, don't jump to conclusions and become paranoid.  Provide your RI Divorce Attorney with the facts or other information that you have that leads you to believe that you are being watched, followed or recorded.

So what is this important step you can take?

CRUCIAL SAFETY WARNING:  Make sure you always take care of your own safety first.  I know very little about cars themselves but I have learned about divorce snoopers only through practice over the years as they have become more prevalent.  When it doubt about whether reaching for something or touching something in an area of your car that may cause injury, always bring your vehicle to a trusted professional who can assist you without injury.


One Important Step


Check your car for unusual objects that look out of place.  Keep in mind that you are looking for a device that could be used to record your location, your voice or video of you.  Shapes and sizes of these "Divorce Snooping Devices" vary too much to describe to become helpful.  Look for things that are out of place that have a microphone, lens or possibly a small blinking light.

What do you look for?  Unfortunately, there are too many types of devices to describe that are manufactured in too many shapes and sizes.  Too many of these things are readily available over the internet.  However, many people remain ignorant of the fact that in some states the actual use of these devices without the consent of the party being recorded or tracked is a crime.


Where Should You Search?

Search both the interior and exterior of the cars you use for these Divorce Snooping Devices.  

Interior Search Locations for Divorce Snooping Devices:

    1.  The glove compartment;

    2.  Both the driver and passenger visor;

    3.  Around and under both the fronts and back seats (especially in between the seats;

    4.  The ashtray area if you are not a smoker;

    5.  All additional middle compartments used to store extra items;

    6.  All compartments on each of the car doors;

    7.  Check "cavity areas" where a recording or tracking device can be taped or stuck and remain hidden from you under the front driver's column.  This is just above where the gas pedal and brake pedal are located.  Better snoopers will use these areas.  There are often similar areas in some vehicles in the same location on the passenger side as well.  Take extreme care so you don't unplug or dislocate anything that makes your vehicle operate properly.  If you want to really protect your vehicle then take it to a mechanic and have your mechanic do the search.  Even though your mechanic isn't likely to recognize a divorce snooping device, he or she is very likely to know whether what they touch is or is not dangerous (i.e. carry an electrical charge that can injure you or have sharp edges) and if it is actually a part of your car.


Exterior Search Locations for Divorce Snooping Devices:

1.  Inside both wheel wells;

2.  When the car is cold check around the muffler area;

3.  In the trunk, look and feel around everywhere for anything that seems out of place.  Some tracking devices that report your location via a GPS satellite service are not attached to anything else at all. Some of them even look like an extra light in your trunk that operates on a simple light sensor when it is a tracking device for your spouse or his or her Rhode Island divorce lawyer to track your whereabouts and discover whom you are with and where.

4.  When checking the trunk whether it is inside or outside the car, make sure you check your spare tire and that entire area that houses it.  There are usually no electronic devices of any kind in most vehicles.  If you see something that doesn't look right, contact a local dealer for your vehicle and try to identify the item before removing it.  If you can see identifying words or numbers on the item itself, it never hurts to go to Google.com, Yahoo.com and Bing.com to run multiple searches to see if you can do a word search or an image search (images.google.com) to see if you can determine what you have found.

5. Check under your engine hood itself and then around the inside of the engine.  It's best to make sure that your vehicle is off and cold to prevent any injury to yourself. Look for items on the underside of the hood, in and around the engine and in the front grill of the car and around both headlight fixtures.

More articles on Rhode Island Divorce Snoopers and other techno-surveillance devices in Rhode Island Divorce and Family Law Situations to follow soon.

My Best to All for a Wonderful and Safe beginning to the New Year!

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