Uncontested Rhode Island Divorces - More People Try to Represent Themselves but It's Getting More Difficult!
Rhode Island Divorce Attorney Coaching Tip: Be Aware of What Untrusting Spouses are Capable of!

Affordable RI Divorces are The Future of Rhode Island as Today's Poor Economy Lends a Helping Hand!

If a Rhode Island divorce is in your future, wouldn't you rather be an economical one?  Of course, it only makes common sense.

Why not do it yourself?  Don't think you can?  Hogwash!  It's possible.  

Is it possible in EVERY case?  No, it isn't.  Some divorces require a divorce lawyer's expertise and representation.  This could be for any number of reasons.  It could relate to issues regarding the children, the assets, the debts or perhaps the attitudes of the parties.  Yet wouldn't it make sense to know if your case requires representation or not?

The vast majority of uncontested Rhode Island divorces can be handled by the parties themselves with just a little coaching.

So how do you find out?  

Give me a call and set up an affordable Rhode Island Divorce Coaching Session. 

Is it free?  No, it isn't. It's a session I've been offering for almost 4 years as of the writing of this article and it has been a tremendous success.


All you need to do is look at both the Rhode Island and the National economy.  Our country is hurting.  Friends and colleagues all over the state and the country are losing their jobs or closing their businesses.  Unemployment is rising out of control.  The US Dollar is losing value.  President O'Bama is trying to extend unemployment payment periods again and again and again to keep families alive.  Landmark businesses that have been around for over 100 years are closing their doors forever. Families are falling apart due to major financial stresses.  This is not my opinion.  I see it on the news.  It's in our newspapers.  It's all over the internet.  It's a national condition that is so great that it can't be hidden.

People like you need affordable alternatives in divorce situations.  People like you don't just WANT it!  They NEED it!  So here I am as a Rhode Island lawyer presenting an innovative concept that works and it's an AFFORDABLE way to get through a Rhode Island Divorce.

My alternative is called Rhode Island Divorce Coaching.

Does this sound bad to you?  I developed a program that helps families get from the beginning to the end of their divorce affordably, the family unit is usually kept intact, and you spend a small amount of money at intervals that meet your budget, learn something new and achieve something you can be proud of.  

The Rhode Island Divorce Coaching concept is intended for substantially uncontested divorces and works best with spouses who do not want to literally kill each other and can still communicate with each other.  This program has helped countless people.  It has helped the Rhode Island Family Court by making sure people aren't going into court wasting the court's time because they don't know what the heck they are supposed to do or without having thought through the important aspects of their divorce.  Best of all it has helped keep the family unit intact, especially for the children.

In truth, I have not enjoyed Rhode Island Divorce and Family Law practice.  I get to see the worst of too many people, especially when a bitter divorce spirals out of control.  If you've ever worked at something that you hate doing, you know that it certainly isn't enjoyable to spend most of your day doing something that doesn't particularly make you happy. 

Rhode Island Divorce Coaching has brought a change to my practice.  In the last 3 1/2+ years I have received 100 times more testimonials and thank you cards from divorce coaching clients than I have from clients I represent.  The fact is that representation usually means a client sees himself or herself headed for conflict in their divorce proceeding but divorce coaching clients are usually looking at a smooth and amicable divorce proceeding in comparison.  

Let's just say that now I make much less money but the testimonials, thank you cards, and pictures of my client's children at Christmas make all the difference and they are worth more than any amount of money they could pay me for my services.

Consider it!  A little education, a little investment in your future and the likelihood that you are going to avoid the anxiety and stress that goes with divorce full of conflict.  That doesn't sound so bad now does it?

I'm The Rhode Island Divorce Coach and I'm here to help.

My Best Wishes to All for a Joyous and Safe Holiday Season!