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It's true.  Rhode Island Divorce forms for your initial divorce filing can be confusing even if you believe you have a simple uncontested Rhode Island Divorce.  Yet without filling out those forms and filing them properly with all the right information in the right place, your seemingly uncontested Rhode Island divorce isn't going anywhere.  There is little more I can tell you in this short article other than, you have to get it right or your uncontested divorce proceeding isn't going anywhere.

Can you get the divorce forms you need?  Absolutely!  It is best to pick them up by asking for a complete divorce packet from the Domestic Relations counter at the family court in the county in Rhode Island where you plan on filing your divorce just in case the forms are pre-printed with the name of the county and the address of the county family court.  Forms do change from time to time but as of the time of this short article this is the best suggestion available to insure you receive the correct paperwork to get your uncontested Rhode Island divorce started.

When you look at the Rhode Island Divorce forms, if they look confusing to you and you aren't sure what information to put in which area of the forms, you need some help.  

First, please don't be upset or rude when the Rhode Island Family Court clerks and assistant clerks explain to you that they can't help you fill out the divorce forms.  If you look around, you should see a sign posted that states that they aren't allowed to assist you in filling out forms.  Remember, simply because they provide you with the divorce forms doesn't mean they necessarily know, understand all the legalities or ramifications that come with filling in each and every form you are given.

Second, say you start trying to fill out the initial forms for your uncontested Rhode Island divorce right at the courthouse and you ask a nearby lawyer for help because you don't understand what to do.  Please refrain from calling the attorney names or stating outloud that he lawyer is merely greedy if he or she asks you to engage them as your attorney first.  Even though typically you can't be sued for trying to help someone out with legal forms because you are not a lawyer, a lawyer has the possibility of being sued for helping you even if you have misunderstood what the lawyer has told you. 

So if you believe you have an uncontested Rhode Island Divorce, what do you do if you don't have $2,000 to hire a lawyer to take you through the process?

Do you need help understanding the uncontested Rhode Island divorce process?

Do you need help making sure your Rhode Island divorce forms are completed correctly so they aren't rejected by the family court when you file?

Do you need help reaching an agreement with your spouse to resolve your divorce?

Do you simply need to know your legal rights in a divorce?

Do you know what to say at your Nominal/Uncontested Rhode Island Divorce?

Do you need help preparing the Decision Pending Entry of the Final Judgment or the Final Judgment of Divorce itself?

At only $135 for a one hour office session to help you with one of these things, it can't be beat.

Finally, there's someone here to help you with just what you need help with.  

Affordable legal help for your divorce is just a phone call away!  

Go ahead, Give me a call Now at (401) 632-6976 schedule your RI Divorce Coaching and Assistance Session and make sure you get your uncontested divorce forms done right!

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