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Rhode Island Divorce was imminent for Jared and Tina Armston.  They both knew it.  So they started making plans to go their separate ways.  They could reach agreement on almost everything but they dreaded going through the Rhode Island Family Court and get their divorce process started.


Divorce is a word that makes most people worry.  It's understandable.  Most people have no idea what to expect.  So wouldn't things be much easier if you knew what to expect?  Sure!

If you were in a sailboat and you wanted to get to a particular direction you can think of "worry" as that huge wind that is blowing against your sail pushing against the direction you want to go in and threatening to tip your sailboat over.  Hey, it's scary!  I know.  I've been there and I've been through it before I became a lawyer.

I remember that divorce wind of "worry" wanting to capsize the little sailboat I was in and drown me.  This was at a time in my life when I knew NOTHING about how a Rhode Island Divorce works at all.  It literally drives some people insane.


So what can you do to deal with that divorce worry, right?  Do what Tina Armston and many like her have done.  Come and see me for a Coaching Session!  Tina was apprehensive for our first 10 minutes together and by the time we were done I saw her shoulders relax, she sat in my office comfortably and she was no longer calling me Attorney Pearsall as I had heard for the first 10 minutes.  The more I explained to her and the more I answered her questions the better she felt and the more confident she became.  By the end of our session her Rhode Island divorce from Jared was no longer that overwhelming mystery that was threatening to topple her sailboat and drown her.  Tina had helped herself by coming to me to increase her knowledge and answer her questions about Rhode Island divorce.

Tina's divorce coaching session was one hour. During that time I drew several diagrams and a few numbered lists so she could literally see what to expect.  She was able to tell me about her marriage with Jared and she could see that I cared as I wrote down points to talk to her about while she told me the types of things that were causing her to worry so much.

By the end of our hour together she didn't have any questions that I hadn't answered for her.  She kept thanking me over and over as she wrote me a check for $135 for our Rhode Island divorce coaching session.

Tina kept thanking me as I escorted her back upstairs, held the door open for her and shook her hand.  The following dialog took place. 


Tina:  "I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders Chris.  Thank you so much. 

Attorney Pearsall:  It is was my pleasure Tina.  Do you mind giving me your honest opinion of what you thought of my "coaching" approach to divorce law?  Be as critical as you want, I just want to make sure I help the people who come to see me.  If you'd rather not say, that's okay too.

Tina:  Oh, well it certainly wasn't what I expected. I was scared about meeting with a lawyer and what to expect but I felt comfortable with you right away.  I like it that you explain things and you didn't talk down to me.  You paid attention to me and you listened to my questions and answered them.  It was great but you really should charge more, it was worth it. [Tina shook my hand again.]

Attorney Pearsall:   Thank you Tina I really appreciate your feedback.  If you think of anything I could have done better or differently, please let me know.

Tina:  I can't think of anything but I can tell you this was alot better than the two other lawyers who gave me their "Free Consultations", I didn't learn anything except how much money they wanted from me so they could represent me.

Attorney Pearsall:  I'm sorry you had a bad experience or two but feel free to contact me for another session if you want help throughout your divorce.

Tina:  I'll call you next week to set up a second session if that's okay.

Attorney Pearsall:  That's fine Tina.

Tina:  How much would that be?

Attorney Pearsall:  Each of my sessions are the one hour minimum of $135.00.  If you want to go over an hour they are just like this one, I charge for each quarter of an hour after that.

Tina:  I'm sure I'll only need the one hour.

Attorney Pearsall:  That's fine Tina.  We can do quite a bit together in an hour.

Tina:  Have a nice day Chris!

Attorney Pearsall:  You too Tina!  Watch your step walking back to your car.



So how did Tina's divorce end, right?  Suffice it to say that Tina came back to me several times for more Rhode Island divorce coaching sessions, she worked out an agreement with her husband Jared and did such a good job representing herself that an attorney in the courtroom went up to her and told her what a good job she did.  

Tina called me right after her Nominal Divorce hearing to let me know about the compliment she received.  She thought I deserved the compliment and not her.  I made sure she knew that the compliment was hers.  I wasn't there to represent her.  I did not say a thing for or against her in court.  All I did was coach her through her Rhode Island divorce so she understood things.  The compliment was entirely hers.

So your RI divorce can be easier than you think.  It doesn't have to be a time filled with so much fear where you feel overwhelmed ever minute and don't know what is going on or what to do next.  

Many times, if you don't have an overly complicated or bitter divorce, if you keep things amicable it can be a heck of alot easier.  How?  Follow Tina's lead . . . Use a RI Divorce Coaching Lawyer!

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