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Uncontested Rhode Island Divorces - Does My RI Divorce have to be difficult?

Does your Rhode Island divorce have to be difficult?  No.  

So what makes a Rhode Island divorce proceeding so difficult?

One major factor is that people make their own divorces difficult.  

Most of the time the difficulty in a divorce in Rhode Island or another state arises from any combination of ten (10) of the following factors:  

1)  Feelings of Entitlement as a result of the history with your spouse or a wrong you perceive your spouse has "done" to you;

2)  Anger toward your spouse;

3)  Resentment about your marriage itself;

4)  Bitterness toward your spouse;

5)  Desire for Revenge through your Divorce proceeding;

6)  Fear of the future after your Divorce is completed;

7)  Fear of Being taken Advantage of by their Spouse;

8)  Listening to Friends and Family who have been through a difficult, emotional or bitter divorce;

9)  Choosing the Wrong Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer; and

10) Deferring your personal judgment on issues on your life to an attorney's judgment. 

Are there other factors involved, absolutely!  However, these tend to be the greatest factors affecting a difficult and prolonged divorce that are actually caused by the people in the divorce itself.

If a person in a a divorce can remain aware of these factors and consciously try to eliminate them or keep them in check, the chances of having an easier divorce are much greater.

The question is, whether you really want a difficult, emotionally draining, extremely costly and frustrating divorce, or an easy divorce? 

Sometimes it's best to take the easy way out.


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