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The Rhode Island Divorce Coach explains Divorce Coaching in a Nutshell!

The Rhode Island Divorce Coaching Program™ was created based on three fundamental principles:

1)  Not Everyone has the financial ability to hire an experienced Rhode Island divorce lawyer in a divorce case.

2)  People Always Need Competent Legal Guidance but not necessarily Legal Representation in a Divorce Case.

3)  People need an affordable alternative to retaining an attorney to represent them in a divorce.

The Rhode Island Divorce Coaching Program™ is exclusive to my divorce law practice and was designed specifically to help people in divorce situations without breaking their wallet.

For most divorce cases it takes only 5-one hour sessions meeting with Attorney Christopher Pearsall from understanding the legal process and filing your divorce through the execution of your Final Judgment of Divorce which completes your divorce process.  

At only $135.00 per coaching session with sessions spread out over the duration of your divorce, you go at your own pace and even have time to save up the money in between sessions.  Whether you pay by check, money order or cash or even put your sessions on a credit card to give you even more time to pay the sessions off over time, clients have found that this to be perhaps the most affordable and helpful solution to completing their divorce in a timely fashion which also allows them to understand what is going on each step of the way.  From beginning to end you know exactly what is happening without being overwhelmed by taking my "Bite at a Time Approach"® to uncontested divorces.

For those who face more challenging situations the program can be customized to meet your needs at a cost that is still more afforable than typical representation.

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