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A Dream Comes True for the Rhode Island Divorce Coach!

This isn't an article of any real divorce substance.  Rather it is something dreams are made of.

I remember sitting on my grandmother's couch as she watched me and my mother went off to work during the summer.  I wasn't the kind of kid who was creative then so I gravatated to whatever was hanging around.  For me it was comic books.  For whatever reason, my grandmother liked comic books.  Perhaps she bought them to keep me entertained.

Whatever the reason, I remember my introduction to Superheros such as Batman, Superman, Thor, Spriderman and The Green Lantern.  As a young child they were the things legends and dreams were made of and I quickly developed a dream of wanting to help people in an ununsual and almost superhuman type manner.  

Of course reality has a way of setting in as we get older and I soon learned little differences between myself and Superman.  I am limited by gravity and the laws of physics and Superman was not.  Yet I still dreamed of making a big difference in the world.  Have I made it yet as a Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer and Coach, perhaps.... but I doubt it.

As age creeps up on me and my Rhode Island Divorce and Coaching practice continues, I wonder when my moment might come.  

Many of us have bad days.  Friday was one such day and I wasn't feeling too good about myself.  Surprisingly I received a particular Facebook email that changed my thoughts from my difficult date of Rhode Island Divorce practice to thoughts of my youth and making a difference.

A new Facebook friend emailed me to tell me that while checking in on Facebook her young son of 7 or 8 was standing behind her as she clicked on my Facebook home page.  It presented pictures of my younger days.  It was a time when I was in good shape and had a different hair style.  

Suddenly the mother was pushed aside by her young son who had been peering over her shoulder.  Pointing to a picture of me he said, "Mom, I can't believe you didn't tell me that you know IronMan!"  My female facebook friend immediately sent me a Facebook email and told me about the mistaken identity.

Although it was clearly a mistaken identity, I recalled clients who have thanked me and called me their hero for getting them their son back or resolving vacation visitation or settling their divorce faster than expected.  Many of us want to be heros in many different ways.  Yet maybe we are but we're just missing those moments and dismissing them.

I always wanted to be a hero.  To some people maybe I have been a hero.  For a few seconds I was a true hero for a young little boy with a true joy and excitement that his mother knew IronMan.  For all of 10 seconds I helped a child to believe in someone true, honorable and good in a world that can be very much the opposite when see other sides of it.  

Though I've tried to embody all that is true, honorable, honest, good, and noble in this world, to feel like a hero even for a split second is truly a gift.

Yet it reminded me of those younger days and I remembered.  Dreams do come true.  Maybe not when we'd like them to.  Maybe not for as long as we'd like them to.  Maybe not in the way we'd like them to.  But dreams do come true.

In one shining moment this little child reminded me of all the good I have done for people in over a decade working with children and spouses in need of my help and yes . . . for all of 10 seconds I was IronMan!

Thank you Joey (for lack of his real name) for brightening my day and making a lifelong childhood dream come true.

Whatever you do, divorce or not, remember to dream.

[ Please note that this article was re-written correctly.  It was accidentally posted in its previous form on my website due to an autosave function when I passed out on my bed after a very grueling day and the computer finally ran out of power on my lap at 1 a.m. or so.  Admittedly I learned that even 10 second superheros need to sleep. ]