Are Divorce Lawyers Necessary? Part I - Divorce Advice is ever Expanding.
Rhode Island Divorce Coach - Am I Bound to my Divorce Lawyer's Decision?

Uncontested Rhode Island Divorces Are Divorce Lawyers Necessary?

Yes, Rhode Island divorce lawyers are necessary if you have a matter before a Rhode Island Family Court.

Why?  Simple.... you need to know what you are doing and unless you are able to teach yourself everything there is about family law like an experienced divorce lawyer then you need someone to guide you on the path.

Are divorce lawyers necessary for representation in every family law case?  In my humble opinion they are not.

Are divorce lawyers necessary to guide people in every family law case before the Rhode Island Family Law courts?  I believe they most certainly are.

It is one thing to do everything by yourself with only yourself to rely upon why you are out of your field of expertise, but it is an entirely different matter to dive into a courtroom with more than a 100 years of law and legal precedent behind you without any professional legal guidance and reasonably expect the result you were shooting for.

You will not find me recommending that you should go through your own divorce or other Rhode Island Family law matter without professional legal coaching.  To me, it's foolhardy.  A divorce is an important part of your life.  It is not something you leave to chance and then hope you can patch up any mistakes later.

It is too easy for you to cause and error that even the best lawyer can't undo in family court all because you didn't have any guidance and thought you knew better than the professionals.

This is precisely why I offer my coaching program.  It's affordable.  It allows you to save money in between coaching sessions.  It even affords you the opportunity to use me as your coach for as many or as few coaching sessions as you like.  Thus, you control the amount of time you spend coaching and how much effort you are willing to put into your own divorce instead of money.

At every turn you have an affordable solution that leaves you as the coaching client in control of the process, how much time is spent and how much money is spent.  Plus, YOU are in control of your own case yet have experienced professional legal guidance to help you along the way.

Divorce Coaching is the process of having a professional teach you how to properly represent yourself while insuring that you are advised of the possibilities and alternatives available to you and as many reasonably possible consequences that may result from your choice of the various alternatives.  Yet the choice is YOURS!  You are not controlled by the attorney your hire in representation as is often the case, but rather you hold the reigns.

You determine your destiny!  You decide what happens regarding your children, your assets, your debts, the direction your case takes, and the direction your case will take.

Do you know what you're doing in your Rhode Island Family Law Matter?

Wouldn't it be useful to have a roadmap with all the intricate backroads and important stops along the way?  Could you seriously get from New York City to San Antonio, Texas by car if you had never traveled between the two cities before?  

Without a roadmap it may take you three times longer if you just go by your gut feeling or try to take shortcuts that you think may be correct only to find yourself lost on a back road without any idea how to get back on track and no idea how to reach your destination!

We're necessary alright?  Without us, people are flying blind.  You won't know the big picture. You won't know the right steps to take?  You won't know how to stay on track.  You won't be aware of the pitfalls the may exist along the way.  Without divorce lawyers, people in the family court are merely sailboats cast adrift in the middle of an endless ocean with no compass and no sail to chart a direction.  

Get coaching today!  Don't make yourself a victim of the family court system!

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