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Uncontested Rhode Island Divorces Are Divorce Lawyers Necessary?

Are Divorce Lawyers Necessary? Part I - Divorce Advice is ever Expanding.

As the founder of a divorce coaching program one would think that I am one who would say that divorce lawyers aren't necessary.  Yet the answer is actually to the contrary.  Yes, they are absolutely necessary.

The law regarding families and domestic relations is far from simple and it is evolving as fast as possible to keep up with the changing times.  

First you have what might be considered the old fashioned notion of a family.  This is the typical mother and a father who are married and have children.  Yet, society has grown and changed.  With the emergence of homosexual and lesbian parenting of adopted children or even children who are found to be abused within the old fashioned family unit comes new policies, new laws and new ideas of what truly constitutes a family and the limitations of marriage.

Divorce lawyers are at the forefront of the ever growing movements, ideas, and differing groups who proffer new ideas about what marriage should be, what it was intended to me, and the ramifications that result when all persons capable of loving one another are not afforded rights similar if not identical to those of the traditional mom/dad family unit.

With this plethora of change in the family arena comes legal questions not only about marriage but about divorce as well and what is not only fair and equitable but the resounding impact that each decision may have in the area of family law.

The new and constantly growing changes in the differing family models calls not only for religious, ethical, and intellectual debate and insight but legal thought and ramifications that could trigger a domino effect if not carefully considered in a tenacious legal context. In this regard divorce lawyers are without a doubt necessary.

Yet some believe that with with the LegalZoom, Prepaid Legal Services, various legal sub-professions such as the paralegal movement offering assistance in the nature of forms assistance, and even my own coaching program that divorce lawyers are no longer necessary.  To those holding this position, I must respectfully disagree.

Assistance in a form other than through an experienced divorce lawyer licensed to practice in your state or commonwealth is no substitute for the lawyer's assistance.  In fact, relying upon anything else is comparable to chancing your matter to a path strewn with bear traps waiting upon each foot fall to see if you have stepped in the wrong place with just enough pressure for those deadly jaws to suddenly and unknowingly thrust into your leg and hope that help comes along after the damage has been done.

Answering a question is always best addressed by examples and so I will dedicate a few articles over the next few weeks to demonstrating why divorce lawyers are, in fact, necessary.  In the end, there is no substitute for the help and assistance of an experienced and honorable divorce lawyer who fully advises you after being completely being made aware of your factual and legal circumstances.

Kindly look for Part II of this series which will focus on one or more specific divorce examples that will demonstrate the need for divorce lawyers now and for the foreseeable future.

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