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I'm a divorce lawyer in RI who focuses my law practice exclusively on family law.  Believe it or not, some people just need a little coaching when it comes to how to properly go about terminating their child support in the Rhode Island family court. 



Patrick's Rhode Island child support case is a good example.  Patrick has been paying on a Rhode Island child support order for the past nine (9) years for his daughter, Constance.  Constance is not disabled and she has no mental health illnesses justifying any extended child support.

Constance graduated from high school.  She was going to turn 18 years of age in about three (3) months.  Patrick already knows that his child support should end sometime around the time that Constance turns age 18.  



Patrick doesn't want to spend money on a lawyer so he calls a around and gets two (2) free consultations set up and then a RI Family Law coaching and Advice session with me for a full hour for only $135.  By the end of the second consultation Patrick believes he has figured it out.  He knows Constance needs to be 18 which he learned from his first free consultation. From the second free consultation Constance also needs to have graduated from high school before his child support can end.  



Patrick cancels his Rhode Island Family Law Coaching and Advice Session to save himself $135.00. 

Patricks feels that the free consultations were enough because one lawyer gave a little bit of information and the other lawyer gave another little tidbit of information.  Together Patrick feels he has his answer and he can avoid spending any money.

As soon as Constance graduates from high school, Patrick stops making his child support payments.


Patrick gets a call from his ex-girlfriend, Judy, who is Constance's mother.  She asks Patrick if he is short on money and needs more time to pay his child support.  Patrick tells her that since Constance is 18 now and has graduated from high school that his child support payments have ended.  

Judy said she knew it was coming sometime but that she thought she would get some kind of notice.  Patrick says that he spoke with a lawyer and he doesn't have to make any more payments.

Judy calls a lawyer about Rhode Island child support and explains what has happened.  The lawyer advises that Patrick is wrong.


Judy hires the lawyer to file papers against Patrick for Contempt, the Rhode Island Child Support, Interest, Costs for taking time out of work and her attorney's fees.

Patrick is served with the papers and is shocked.  However, he continues to be adamant that since the two lawyers confirmed the two conditions had to be met, that he doesn't have anything to worry about.



When they get to court eight weeks later, Patrick finds out that he made a costly mistake.   Patrick is is given only ten days per the Court's Order to pay (1) the last ten weeks of child support plus interest in a lump sum which is $1,170; (2) Judy's lost time from work which is $127.00; (3) Judy's attorney's fees of $750.00; and (4) that he is to continue paying his weekly child support until his RI Child Support is properly terminated by a Rhode Island Family Court Judge.    



Patrick calls me back and after a detailed one (1) hour coaching session about the procedure for the proper termination of his child support, Patrick is ready to prepare the documents he needs to file to have his child support terminated.  The one hour of legal coaching was just what Patrick needed to get the answers he needed.  Sadly he realized only too late that the $135.00 for some solid coaching on his Rhode Island Child Support issue was exactly what he needed to avoid all this cost and aggravation.



Rhode Island Divorce and Family Law Coaching is the wave of the future and it's here to stay.  People need affordable experienced help when free help isn't available and Coaching provides the answer.

Do you need a little bit of help like Patrick?  Do you need some direction?  

Do you have proper legal information you need to make the important decisions you need to make?  Most people don't!

In my humble opinion, a RI Divorce and Family Law Lawyer providing experienced Coaching is the answer.

Rhode Island Divorce and Family Law Coaching saves you money.  

It saves you time.  

It provides you with understanding and knowledge you wouldn't otherwise get elsewhere.  

It provides you with the experienced legal help you need, when you need it, at a price you can afford.

Don't go into any matter legally blind.  

Many times you can't afford to be without a lawyer because in the end it will cost you much more than a single coaching session because you've overlooked something or weren't told something crucial like Patrick's case.  

Don't be a victim.  It isn't necessary.  

At a cost of only $135 for a one hour family law coaching session with an experienced divorce and family law lawyer, it's something you can't afford to be without.

If Patrick hadn't canceled his appointment, he would have paid $135.  Instead, he paid over $2,000.

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