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As a Rhode Island Divorce lawyer I can tell you that if you disregard the emotions that divorce brings on and the irratic behavior that results from those emotions then you are setting yourself up for a world of hurt.

Divorce brings about the worst in people and while I'd prefer not to dwell on the negative side of divorce litigants and the tragedy they cause to others, I cannot ignore that they exist, nor should you.  In fact, ignoring the emotional fallout of a Rhode Island divorce is a mistake. 

Do not underestimate what a scorned or upset spouse may resort to in order to hurt you emotionally or to get in your divorce.  I could tell you stories that chances are you would not believe.

I myself as a divorce lawyer have had to take protections from clients and opposing parties who "went off."

So take the following minimal divorce coaching advice with the degree of seriousness it deserves. 

Protect Yourself! 

This includes your children, your home, your computer, your cellular phone, your automobiles, your home phone, your bank of accounts, your place of employment and yes even your garbage!

You are a person.  You have your privacy.  You expect it to be free from invasion.  Often it is not!  Hackers and surveillance specialists are everywhere.  Now whether you care to believe it or not, there are people in and around Rhode Island who are available for hire to break into your home, track your car, hack into your computer or bug it, use audio devices to overhear your conversations, and violate both your state and federal rights. 

Yes, people will resort to ciminal acts get at every aspect of your life because they are angry.  If you think that your spouse's overzealous attorney is the devil incarnate but you don't believe they would do anything illegal, unethical or underhanded for their client then think again.

You cannot take too much care to protect your privacy.  Your spouse who was calm for years can turn into your worst nightmare because he or she is a bubbling teapot just waiting to blow off years of steam that you never saw coming.

I will write more articles on specifics, but let me emphasize the importance of this. 

You CANNOT take too much care to protect your privacy. 

Your privacy is your personal space.  It is where you believe you are secure and safe.  Yet make no mistake about it . . . it can be invaded and you can be victimized in less than 20 minutes.

Yes, 20 minutes or less.  Take this tip to heart. It only takes minutes to create destruction, phony emails, false phone records, forged documents, fraudulent bank records, bogus child pornography and more. 

It can occur at work in your desk drawer, on your laptop, in your car, on your personal computer at home or on your cel phone or PDA.

If you don't look out for these things and your Rhode Island Divorce lawyer does not take them with the level of seriousness they deserve and keep up to speed by knowing about the fundamentals to advise you, then you could be a victim who gets less than you deserve in a divorce. 

If you are portrayed as a pervert you may not get to see your children for weeks on end.  You may lose  your right of legal custody.  You may even be ordered to attend rehabilitation or even sent to the ACI because of fraudulent documents brought forth in your divorce that show you to be addicted to drugs or a child pornographer.

Don't let it happen!  Be aware.  Remain vigilant and know that it can happen.  Protect yourself.  If you don't, you have no one else to blame but yourself.

I'm here to help you be aware of these things and to coach you on protective measures.  Many attorneys don't know these things or don't care because directly that is not their JOB.  I understand that. 

Yet they are dealing with YOUR LIFE!  And your life IS their job in my personal opinion!  The law isn't going to protect you, even with the best lawyer, if you don't know the protective measures to take against people who are willing to violate the law.

I will be happy to have a Coaching Session with you for 1 hour for $135 to help you with these issues and make you aware of them.  Too much money?  The consequences could be tens of thousands of dollars.  It could mean the loss of your privacy.  It could mean criminal charges.  It could mean supervised visitation with your children. 

The time to pay attention to these things is before you become a divorce victim, not when it's too late.

I will not live or die on $135.00 for that hour.  It will not make me or break me.  It is not worth anything to try to screw anyone out of $135.00 since people seem to believe that every lawyer is just out for your money.  If you think this is too much, that's okay.  Don't call and know that I wish you the best.

With what I have seen and what I know, if $135 isn't worth it to you to know what can happen, how it happens and how to protect yourself from it, then I wish you the best.  Too many people could have used my help before it happens.  Too many people contact me too late.

I'm here to help and just make a living.  Good lawyers who truly care about people do exist in Rhode Island.  I do not hesitate to say that I'm living proof of it and I'm here for you if and when you need be.

Just remember, protect yourself.  Awareness that your privacy is at risk is crucial in every Rhode Island divorce.

Authored By:

Christopher A. Pearsall, Attorney-at-Law

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