The Rhode Island Divorce Coach - A Few things that Must be "On the Record" in a Nominal Divorce Proceeding!
A Rhode Island Divorce Lawyering and Coaching Tip for RI Divorce Self-Defense

Amicable, Simple, Affordable Rhode Island Divorces are Possible without Lawyers!

Yes, amicable, simple and affordable Rhode Island Divorces are possible without lawyers.

It's true.   Now when I mean that these kinds of  Rhode Island Divorces are possible without the involvement of lawyers I am talking about without a lawyer representing the parties in the courtroom.

Now, I will admit that I probably sit with the minority of Rhode Island lawyers here when I take this position.  Heck, I may even be willing to agree that most other lawyers would not agree with me on this statement at all.  In fact, I may be one lawyer standing out here all alone in an open sea of lawyers giving people hope of the thought of a theme of "lawyers not required" without a single strand of support from a RI family law judge or any other Rhode Island lawyer at all on this position.

In actuality, I can easily see why RI Family Court judges and my fellow Rhode Island lawyers, and particularly fellow divorce attorneys, might have the initial reaction that I am in some sense slandering my profession, belittling what we do, or taking instant offense to my proposition.  Yet I would hope that the more learned colleagues in the profession would consider their actual response rather than merely react to what the initial gut reaction might be.

Notwithstanding any response however, you won't find me wavering one iota from taking the position that people can often do much better representing themselves in a divorce then engaging any one of our thousands of Rhode Island attorneys in our small state.

The fact is, if you extract lawyers who make money from both parties from the divorce scenario, you get two people who have more finances to divide and a better chance to move forward because they do.  That's one plus in favor of not involving lawyers.

Also, if you consider the fact that by and large more nominal cases are reached with an agreement by the actual nominal date assigned by the court when the parties reach an agreement on their own.

Does that mean that I believe there is little or no value in the education or knowledge that we as Rhode Island Divorce Lawyers and Judges have?

Absolutely not!  

What it does mean, is that I believe that a bit too often in the pursuit of careers and sometimes income that there are divorce and family law professionals who,

1)  create issues where they could just as easily resolve them;

 2)  cause conflict when they could establish harmony;

3)  destroy family relationships when they could save or strengthen them;

3)  extend a case and bill clients more when they could simplify the and charge significantly less;


4)  assist in ending a marriage when they could save that marriage.

Until we as Rhode Island divorce lawyers refocus our energies on the people we serve in such a way that we end conflict peacefully, amicably, and quickly using both legal skills and personal relationship skills, we will never be able to resolve a divorce and preserve a family as quickly, affordably, simply, and as stress free as two spouses who can still communicate with one another.

Yes, amicable, simple, affordable Rhode Island divorces are possible if two people can still talk to one another reasonably in an adult manner, with the help from a Rhode Island Divorce Coach who can economically help them through the process without representing either one of them in court.

It's not only possible, it happens all the time through my office.  All it takes to get started is that first call.  So what are you waiting for?

Authored By:

Christopher A. Pearsall, Attorney-at-Law

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