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What Rhode Island Divorce Lawyers and Attorneys Don't Do for their Clients but Divorce Coaches DO!

You've already heard or read that the Rhode Island Supreme Court doesn't license lawyers in any specific area of law.  When we pass the Rhode Island Bar Exam and we are sworn in we are all sworn in as general practitioners.  From that point on, we may choose certain areas that we want to "focus" in but we are not technically "specialists" in anything.

Of course this makes it very hard for people to find a Rhode Island lawyer who specializes or rather " is experienced in" the practice of divorce law.  Yet whether you get an experienced lawyer in the area of law you are looking for, be it divorce or some other area of law, I have noticed something over the years that seems rather consistent but I will localize it to divorce law since that is my specific area of experience.

Since I began the Rhode Island Divorce Coaching Institute in March of 2009 I have had countless people come to me because they were either unhappy with their Rhode Island Divorce lawyers or wanted a second opinion about the lawyer's performance on their case.  

I found that invariably there was one thing that was virtually always missing and that was this "explanation!"  In almost every case, the attorney did not bother to explain to their client how the process works, the the options that were available to him or her so that the client could make important informed decisions about the direction of the case.  This is something I have always done but do so in even more detail now in my capacity as a Rhode island Divorce lawyer acting in a coaching capacity because I find education to be a major role of a coach.

Now, if you didn't know.  As the client you are supposed to be in control of your case.  Now this doesn't mean that you hire a divorce attorney and then you micromanage his or her activities.  If this were the case, then the divorce attorney's skills, experience and legal judgment would be worthless.  However, if major decisions and the direction of your case needs to be chosen then by all rights this is a decision the client should make after being informed of all the options and the risks of exercising each option.  

Now here is the crucial question!  How can you do that if your Rhode Island Divorce attorney doesn't inform you of these things?  The answer is, "You Can't!"  This is not the best position to be in since at this point you've allowed your divorce lawyer to have so much authority that your case, your life, and your legal bill end up solely in the hands of the attorney simply because the attorney hasn't informed you or you haven't demanded to know what is going on.

In a nut shell, it is a bad idea to simply hire an Rhode island divorce attorney that you think is good at what he or she does and then just let them take it from there and tell you what to do.  This is blind trust and leads to divorces that spiral out of your control because you do not insist on understanding what is going on legally and procedurally.

This is a major difference between what happens when you engage the services of a Rhode Island Divorce Attorney to represent you in family court as opposed to when you engage the services of a Rhode Island Divorce Coach to help you represent yourself.  Think about it.  How can you represent yourself if you don't understand the law and procedure that relates to the case right at that time?  You can't!  That's why as a Rhode Island Divorce Attorney and Coach I make sure you know what is going on, what issues apply and what issues might arise depending upon the options your might consider taking.

Ultimately, it's your Rhode Island divorce or family law issue, shouldn't you be in control of it since it deals with YOUR life?!  Absolutely!  Well, you certainly can't do that if you don't understand what is going on, right?  So how good is a lawyer that you retain to represent you in court if he or she doesn't take the time to explain to you the divorce process, your legal rights, how matters are practically handled in the court, and what is realistic under the circumstances?

In my professional opinion, any divorce attorney can justify all he or she wants that he or she to saving you money, but that is NOT the time nor the subject matter to skimp on for the client.  It is crucial for you to understand these things as a client otherwise you can't make informed decisions.

If you want understanding of the process and what you can expect, see a Rhode Island Divorce Coach even if it's just for an initial session.  This will give you a tremendous edge by giving you the information you need to make decisions in your divorce case.  It will be the best legal monies you will have spent and usually the coach can suggest things to you that may save you up to $800 with an attorney you may choose to hire.

So how can you boil this down into two sentences?  A divorce lawyer who is engaged to represent you in court rarely explains in detail the fundamentals of what you can expect in your divorce matter.  A Rhode island Divorce Coach does the opposite and teaches you what you need to know to make the important decisions in your case and not lose control of your life, your case and your decisions.

My Recommendation - Get Some Coaching even before your Retain a Courtroom Lawyer!  It will be the best investment you make in your divorce . . . for YOU!



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