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If you have a Rhode Island Family Court matter and you just expect to go into the courtroom and "tell your story."  I urge you to think again.

Rhode Island Family Court has procedural rules, administrative court orders, judge's standing orders, rules of evidence and, of course laws governing domestic relations.  I can assure you that no matter what order you try to read these Rhode Island Family Court requirements you will not be able to assemble them in any order that says "Hey, walk into court and when it's your turn to speak . . . just tell the judge your story."

What's my point?  If you don't know the RI Rules of Domestic Relations Procedure as they relate to your particular type of case and the matters to be heard by the court in your case, you might as well spit into the wind because that's about as far as you are likely to get.  Without guidance don't expect to get too far.

Is there another good thing you should know other than the family court procedure in Rhode Island?  Yes, you should know your rights relating to your particular case and issues.  

What do I mean when you should know your legal rights?  It may not be essential to know and understand the entire body of Rhode Island divorce and family law in order to know your legal rights, but it is important to know the law and your legal rights as they relate to your particular divorce and family law issues.

It doesn't sound too ominous a task for your divorce or family law issue, now does it?  

All I'm suggesting is that you know the Rhode Island legal procedure and the Rhode Island laws relating to your issue and how you go about presenting it.  

Pretty simple, right?  Well, in a one word answer, "No".  What I'm suggesting is a challenge for some RI lawyers who find themselves within the RI Family Court System on less than a frequent basis so you can imagine how difficult it might be if you try to represent yourself without any guidance and have no knowledge of Rhode Island Divorce law. 

The fact is, you could try it.  If you are lucky you might survive it without a good tongue lashing from a family court judge.  If you don't know what you are doing and the judge thinks you are wasting the court's time then you've got a problem.  You see it is not too hard for a judge to discern that you simply didn't think your matter was important enough for you to take the time to make sure you knew what you were supposed to do.  If you think about it, it makes sense.  

Why should the court change years of effort using procedures meant to create fairness and reliability to suddenly just give you carte blanche to present your matter any way you like?  The fact is, it shouldn't.

Shouldn't it be your responsibility to know what you are doing if you are the one coming before the court?  Of course!  After all, you are either asking the court to do something for you or you are defending yourself against the allegations of an opponent and you want the court to disregard those allegations and whatever your opponent is asking for, right?  So naturally shouldn't you know what you are doing?  The answer is a resounding "Yes."  

So what can you do?  What are your options?  

You can try to figure out all of the Rhode Island Laws and procedures as they relate to your situation, or you can get some coaching from an experienced divorce and family law professional.

So where do you turn for help? 

Until recently, the options haven't been great.  The traditional options have been that you hire  a lawyer to represent your interests or hope you can find the right information to help yourself through.  If your money or time is limited, then neither of these options is really workable for you. 

Wouldn't it help if an experienced divorce and family law lawyer sat down and explained the Rhode Island procedures and law to you and how they apply to your specific situation?  

This has been the problem.  Most lawyers won't take divorce and family law cases on a piecemeal basis.  Why is that?  First, there isn't much money in it.  Second, there is too much liability attached in comparison to whatever money the lawyer earns.


How am I helping you?  I've certainly painted a picture that isn't too rosy.  

This article doesn't help you, but I can help you by providing the missing piece of the puzzle.

You have the constitutional right to represent yourself.  I believe in this right. I believe that no person should be afraid to exercise this right.  Yet you can't exercise your legal rights without fear of being stopped by the court if you don't know the procedure and your legal rights.

This is precisely why I developed a Rhode Island divorce and family law coaching program.  Now you have the opportunity to sit down with an experienced Rhode Island lawyer to get the help you need.  I've focused my practice exclusively in the area of divorce and family law for more than a decade now and I designed a program to fill the gap that is missing for people.

I designed a program that for a fraction of the cost of hiring a lawyer to represent you, you can get the information you need, right when you need it.

This divorce and family law coaching program began in March of 2009.  It has been a magnificent success and continues to grow.  

So, if you need legal help in a Rhode Island Divorce or family law matter, I can almost always help you!  I don't provide this service for free but I've come as close as I can.  I provide legal coaching and advice in Rhode Island divorce and family law matters for minimum sessions of one (1) hour at a cost of only $135 for that hour.  If you need more than an hour then to make it simpler it's just an additional $33.75 for any portion of a quarter of an hour that is needed after initial hour.

You can join the countless people I've successfully helped so far.  

Call NOW (401) 632-6976 to set up your Coaching and Advice Session!

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