What Rhode Island Divorce Lawyers and Attorneys Don't Do for their Clients but Divorce Coaches DO!
The Rhode Island Divorce Coach - A Few things that Must be "On the Record" in a Nominal Divorce Proceeding!

A Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer Thrilled his Divorce Coaching Practice is On the Rise!

As a Rhode Island lawyer I am thrilled that my divorce coaching program is on the rise even as other areas of practice for colleagues are struggling.

I was floored when I was actually asked recently, "What do you get out of this Rhode Island Divorce Coaching program? You certainly can't be making a mint from $135 sessions for an hour here and there each week. What's the catch?"

In a nutshell I'll let my readers know what I let this client know. I get to help people affordably in a difficult economy. I get to sleep restfully each night knowing I'm doing a good thing for people. Ultimately I still get to use what I've learned over the years. Lastly, but certainly not the least, I get to work for myself and spend more quality time with my wife.

The client was a bit stunned. Perhaps my readers would be too. A lawyer who doesn't bring in big bucks, who doesn't charge big bucks, who doesn't work 80 hours a week and who just wants to be able to live life without all the stress and aggravation that many lawyers put themselves through all for the sake of having more and more "things." Financially it gets a little tough sometimes with the rising cost of everything, but we're all dealing with that these days.

I suppose in a sense, I'm genuine. I know what it's like to do a hard days work, to have been through a first marriage that didn't work out, to see family law in action, to see families of all kinds and how they work and how they don't. I'm practical and I can relate to my clients. I have a big heart and though I can't give away my services for free, I've done the best I can to help others. In the end, I know I've done my best for people and based on what is truly important in life.

I hope other people find the path I have found some day and that colleagues pick up on it without overcharging. Rhode Island Divorce Coaching is something that I've received rants and raves from my clients confidentially about it and I know I've helped the judges with their calendars and the resolution of cases in the process.

I'm making a difference. I can see it. I can feel it. I hear about it from those who benefit from it and I am happy that the program I created works. I plan on making it better and as affordable as possible.

For now, it's still a great new program and it's evolving every day. For those who have given it a chance, they know what it does and can do.

I welcome everyone to have an initial meeting with me for 1 hour at only $135 for the hour. You won't be disappointed. So pick up your phone and dial (401) 632-6976 to make your appointment or to understand how I do what I do and why. I'll be more than happy to take a minute or two to discuss it with you, including how I do what I do and why.

Have a Fantastic Evening!

Christopher A. Pearsall, The Rhode Island Divorce Coach
Owner of the Rhode Island Divorce Coaching Institute