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Why Engage a Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer to be your Divorce Coach?

Rhode Island isn't the only state that is feeling the financial pinch from the national economy, but we're feeling it well enough.

The investment market is bottoming out while the US Dollar continues to lose strength and popularity as the national currency standard.

Rhode Island has one of the highest unemployment rates in the United States and devastation from the March 2010 flood caused billions of dollars of damage to the Rhode Island economy.

Financial pressures are one of the greatest causes of marital stresses and breakdowns.  With Rhode Island companies downsizing, businesses crippled by the flood, the national market reducing once strong retirement investments to mere pennies leaving families stressed, unable to keep up with bills and forcing homes into foreclosures, shortsales and literal abandonment by some people of their homes in the hope that bankruptcy will give them financial relief from the economic downturn.

Rhode Islanders and those finding themselves subject to the Rhode Island Family Court no longer have the luxury of relying on credit extensions and payment plans to pay off attorneys over time.  In short, people are being more frugal with their monies with good reason.  

So why engage a Rhode Island divorce lawyer to be your divorce coach?

Economics!  Coaching as opposed to representation by a Rhode Island Divorce lawyer saves you money and gives you control of your finances.

Depending upon the nature of the Rhode Island coaching arrangement, the cost should always be significantly less than outright representation by the divorce lawyer.  The cost is also usually a matter within your control as the client as opposed to the divorce lawyer.  In the end, with a little resourcefulness, you obtain an education on Rhode Island Divorce law and procedure, you reduce your cost and financially improve your situation, and you end up controlling your cost on your own timeframe and not the lawyers.

Rhode Island Divorce Coaching is new, innovative, is only now developing in Rhode Island.  In fact, I am the founder of the initial coaching program here in Rhode Island though new offshoots seem to be developing by one or two practitioners who find themselves challenged in a very strapped economy for some lawyers.

Whether you are looking for Rhode Island legal representation in a divorce or family law matter, the process begins the same identically for the benefit of the client and gives you the opportunity to experience the benefits of the coaching process with a minimal investment in obtaining the answers to your legal challenges.  

For the small cost of a hard drive, a leaf blower, a cheap lawnmower, or other similar small investment, you have the opportunity to sit with a profession, explain your factual circumstances and then be educated and advised on legal procedures, laws, practical courtroom treatment, and options worth considering from a highly qualified profession while saving a tremendous amount of money.

Coaching is the economical answer that works for most people in Rhode Island divorce and family law issues and it is likely to work for you.

Call me at (401) 632-6976 and find out why Rhode Island divorce and family law coaching has worked for dozens of people and why it is probably the right answer for you, too!  

It's Professional!  It's Less Expensive!  The Cost is within Your Control!  You get high quality Answers to your legal issues from a highly experienced Rhode Island Divorce and Family Law Attorney/Coach!

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Christopher A. Pearsall, Attorney-at-Law

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