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A Simple Rhode Island (RI) Divorce without the Stress!

Do you and your spouse want a simple Rhode Island divorce without the stress? 

It's as easy as 1-2 and me!  Yes, I added myself to the mix. 


Well, right now I don't know of any other Rhode Island lawyer who offers experienced divorce coaching services other than me.  Besides that, it rhymed.  Lastly, since divorce is about as fun as pulling teeth I need to add a little humor in my articles every now and then.

Your simple divorce in Rhode Island doesn't require very much. If one spouse files the divorce action, then both spouses work out an agreement to resolve the divorce issues, and at least one spouse knows the procedure on how to get through the legal procedures from beginning to end . . . you have what's needed for a simple divorce.

So there you have my original simple divorce recipe for Rhode Island!  That's 1 spouse to file it.  Then 2 spouses to reach an agreement. Then simply meet with me to help one of you with the legalities from beginning to end. 

Those are the simple fundamentals.  You don't have to be all stressed out.  You don't have to pay lots of money to a Rhode Island divorce or family law lawyer*.

My divorce coaching practice has been designed to help you with the legalities of the process from beginning to end.

Should you each have your own lawyers in some divorces?  Sure.  Every divorce is certainly not a simple divorce.  When you come to see me you will find out the ins, the outs, the ups, and the downs of your divorce and you will know if yours is truly a simple divorce or not.  If you have a simple divorce, then my divorce coaching program is just what the doctor ordered.  You get rid of the huge expense and the massive stress that goes with a divorce. Instead, you keep things as simple as you want to keep them.

Regrettably, there aren't other lawyers offering this simple divorce coaching service right now because it's not largely profitable for the lawyers.  Yet for me it's not about making large sums of money from people.  It's about using my skills to help you and as many other people as possible.  That way, I can go to sleep knowing that I did a good thing for people, and still keep a roof over my head.

Your simple divorce can be just as trouble free as the many others I've helped since March of 2009.  This divorce coaching program has been a tremendous success.  My client's are thrilled!  Hell, I'm thrilled to have more time with my wife!   Even though I'm no "fat cat" lawyer with a fancy car, I can sleep at night knowing that as a Rhode Island lawyer I do a good thing simply by helping people with their family law challenges, including your simple divorce.

Give me a call (401) 632-6976 and set-up your $135 appointment.  You'll be surprised at how simple it can be.  After all, don't you deserve a simple, stress free divorce?

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