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Apology to All for Recent Article of Interest on R.I. General Laws 15-5-2(8)

I would like to apologize to the parties mentioned (especially my client) regarding a recent blog article I wrote trelating to my interest in R.I. General Laws 15-5-2(8).

Although factual information in the article was a matter of public record and my questions were for the purpose of educational and cognitive discourse about the rarely used RI Gen Laws 15-5-2(8), the article caused issues.  It seems too many people assume even via hypothetical questions that facts have been proven and warrant accusing others of things recklessly.  This is NOT the case.  

Clearly the internet has too great an influence on the minds of people.  There is a great difference between public record contained in a court's paper file and public record with hypothetical questions that are posted on the internet.

For the record, the woman identified in that article did not approve of, review, edit, read, nor even know about the existence of my article referencing Rhode Island General Laws 15-5-2(8) until after it was published.  There was no intention to "mud sling" here.  

The original article has been removed completely from the internet.

The article has been re-written in a completely generic form and all further articles will be kept in a generic form henceforth.

I have also insured that all links to the former article are now broken so that the original article may not be found or read by others.

According to website statistics the article received only 6 page views.  

Once again, my sincerest apologies to all who were adversely affected by my article. 

Humble Regards,

Christopher A. Pearsall, Esquire