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Rhode Island Divorce Law Terminology: What is an Uncontested divorce in the Rhode Island Family Court?

Common sense tells many people that an uncontested Rhode Island Divorce will also certainly cost less than a contested Rhode Island Divorce.

Without complicating matters an "uncontested Rhode Island divorce" is one in which the parties amicably agree on all issues relating to their divorce.

A "contested divorce Rhode Island divorce" in the RI Family Court System is a divorce case in which both spouses in the divorce are not in agreement on all issues relating to their divorce.

Notice that when describing an uncontested divorce versus contested divorces the main issue is whether the parties are in agreement on all issues or not.

If there is even one issue that is not agree upon by you and your spouse, then your divorce matter is considered "contested."

The only other time when your Rhode Island Divorce may be considered "uncontested" without the agreement of both parties occurs when you have a nominal divorce hearing date set by the court and the other party does not show up for the court hearing.  This is essentially an "uncontested Rhode Island divorce" by default.

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