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The Danger of Rhode Island Child Support Modification Provisions via Marital Settlement Agreements!

Sitting in the Rhode Island Family Courts for many years I have seen Post Divorce issues arise. Few situations are more disturbing than what I call "the private child support modification."

If you've been reading this or any of my other Rhode Island divorce websites, you know that I usually explain by use of examples and analogous situations since nothing seems to teach more strongly than a good story.  Since most of the compliments on my websites are the use of these stories, I won't diverge from that here.

* * Milton's Case of the Modified Child Support * *

It was difficult to sit in my seat as the judge rendered the decision.  It was most certainly a decision that made Milton cringe as his ex-wife MaryLou laughed at him gleefully.  Milton would not be able to stop the fact that his ex-wife had deceived him and would now reap extra money from him by putting their Rhode Island Child Support Modification as merely an amendment to their Marital Settlement Agreement.

Let's roll back a bit, as Rhode Island Child Support Lawyers do, I am getting ahead of myself again.

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