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Testimonial #2 for Divorce Attorney Christopher Pearsall

Testimonial #1 for Divorce Attorney Christopher A. Pearsall

Chris made all the difference.

By the time I found Chris, the court was convinced that I was a drug addict and an abusive parent because of all the lies my ex-husband and his attorney had told the court. 

My son was literally taken from me.  It was my worst nightmare.  I wasn't even allowed to see my son for seven months.  I thought I was going to go crazy.  My son means everything to me.

Then I found Chris.  The result speaks for itself.

Today I have sole physical placement and sole legal custody of my son.  Chris even obtained the court's permission for me and my son to leave Rhode Island and go to live in New Hampshire.

My ex-husband is now only allowed supervised visitation at the courthouse due to all the drug tests he has failed.  My ex-husband doesn't even try to exercise visitation anymore because he'd have to continue to undergo random drug testing and he's too afraid he'll be arrested for his continued drug use.  In the end, the court found out who the real drug user and abuser was.

Words can't express my gratitude.  Thank you Chris for getting my son back for me.

Alana  (Belmont, New Hampshire)

Dear Alana,

  Thank you for your kind testimonial.  I truly enjoyed the Thank You Card that Dylan sent to me.  I was very happy to be there when we brought the Court's Order to your ex-husband's house to see the excitement on your son's face as he was reunited with you.  Some of us hope that we can make a difference.  I'm so glad I could help Dylan to get back where he belonged. . . . with his mom.

My best to you and Dylan Always,