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A Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer is Moving from the Courtroom to the Conference Room!

Not everyone can afford a Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer.  It's regrettable but true that sometimes it takes a few greenbacks to hire a good lawyer to get a strong advocate for your rights.  As a divorce lawyer for nearly a decade I've had the opportunity to see quite a bit.  Originally I restructured my practice to provide more affordable legal services to people through lower attorneys' fees and absorbed costs.

At first I must say that I am happy I've stayed the course.  Many colleagues and associates said it couldn't be done for the decreased fees I was offering.  Well, I'm happy to report they were incorrect. 

Nearly a year or so after making the change in my divorce practice I still find an unacceptable issue.  What about those people who can't even afford my reduced rates yet still need legal help?  Where do they turn when the Pro Bono Lawyers Program is inundated and Legal Services can't take anymore people?

People still need solid legal advice and sometimes just a little help with the documents which may sometimes be confusing to the layperson.  So I've taken the leap yet again to defy the odds.

Effective immediately, I've decided to make the jump from the Courtroom to the Conference Room.  There are far too many people who do not have access to quality divorce and family law advice at prices they can afford.  Despite the court's frustrations with Pro Se individuals who are forced to represent themselves at times because "they just don't have the money to hire a lawyer", it has become a new mission to help those who are willing to help themselves.

If you need help with documents and you can afford a little bit of money.  Pick up the phone and call for a Rhode Island Divorce Coaching Session.  I have two varieties. 


In this Rhode Island Divorce Coaching Session, I provide straight coaching on drafting, family law techniques and tools, and strategies to help you present your case in the best possible light and place you in the best possible position to achieve your desired result in your case.  However, you as the Coaching client would do the actual drafting of the documents.


This is a Rhode Island Divorce Coaching Session in which I agree to prepare one or more documents at your request and also coach you on how to best present your position and work with the court so you will help yourself and you won't slow down the court's calendar, which is often a source of judicial frustration.


Presently I am endeavoring to set a fee schedule for preparing specific types of documents as well as fees for coaching sessions depending upon subject matter and/or the amount of time involved.

By offering this new, and innovative Rhode Island Divorce Coaching Service I hope to reach those people who do not have thousands of dollars to spend on a lawyer and may just need some help here and there to get through a very difficult time in their lives.

To give back to the community I'm moving from the Courtroom to the Conference Room.

Welcome to Rhode Island Divorce Coaching!

Authored By:

Christopher A. Pearsall, Attorney-at-Law

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