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Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer Brings Divorce Coaching to Rhode Island!

Divorce has taken on a new life in Rhode Island and Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer Christopher Pearsall is leading the charge.  As a divorce lawyer appearing daily before the Rhode Island family courts on a daily basis, Chris saw an all too familiar scenario.

Divorce and family law cases occur daily with people who represent themselves.  Why do they do it?  They simply don't have the money necessary to hire a family law lawyer to represent them before the Rhode Island Family Courts. 

This ends up being a circular problem in Rhode Island divorce courts both for the litigants and the court. 

Let me explain. 

You have the legal right to represent yourself before the Rhode Island Family Courts.  The Rhode Island Family Courts and their administrators have the right and the duty to manage the cases that come before the Rhode Island Family Courts in order to keep the court cases moving along as efficiently as possible.

Imagine you're Joe or Jane Citizen and that you want to represent yourself before the Rhode Island Family court.   You file a roughly worded Motion for Change of Placement to try to get placement of your daughter.  You figure out just enough to get by the court's filing formalities so you get the feeling you're half way there.

Then comes the sometimes disappointing, often humiliating blow. 

What is it?  It's the court date. 

It takes you less than ten minutes to figure out that representing yourself like this was a big mistake. 


The family court judges in Rhode Island are under a lot of pressure to keep their cases moving and they have considerable discretion in handling those cases.  Frankly speaking, whether you are a person representing yourself, or a lawyer who doesn't know what he or she is doing, realistically the court isn't going to be too patient with you simple because you don't know how to exercise your rights or to represent your client. 

Some litigants who represent themselves, called "Pro Se" (pronounced, "pro say") and attorneys who have little clue how to practice in the Rhode Island family courts may find themselves chastised, rebuked or even humiliated by the judge for slowing down his or her calendar for the day.  The feelings on both sides of this predictament are understandable but hardly complimentary.  Some judges may even be try to force you to obtain a lawyer when you've done your best and it's just that you don't have the money.

The end result?  You're treated like a second class citizen because you simply can't afford a competent lawyer to represent your interests.  The same is true for new lawyers or lawyers unfamiliar with the family court process, but the lawyer's difficulty may be in explaining to the client why he or she is paying you if the judge is essentially saying you have no idea what you are doing.  How do you keep a client when the judge virtually comes out and calls you incompetent?  It's an interesting predictament. 

Meanwhile, you are still in the position of having to represent yourself because you just don't have the money.  The consequences could be anything from having your case continued time and time again, to having it dismissed entirely because you are told to put on your case and you don't know what to do, what protocol to follow, what procedural rules apply or what standard the judge must apply in making a decision under the law.

Over the years I've been a pro se litigant representing myself, a new lawyer chastised for something a judge considered improper, and a seasoned lawyer who learned what the judges are looking for and trying to avoid wasting the court's time.

As Rhode Island's most affordable full-time Rhode island Divorce lawyer I have been very proud to offer services to those people that most lawyers turned away because of their lack of substantial upfront funds.

I have been able to help only a small percentage of people in Rhode Island that I have wanted to help with their divorce and family law issues.


Mostly because as low as I've been able to reduce my overhead and pass along savings to clients, it hasn't been enough.  Peopl who don't have the money to hire even a low-cost lawyer need help in Rhode Island.

So the doors are closing to my divorce courtroom practice to open up a new and more exciting business that I plan to use to help both the Rhode Island Family Courts and those people who are looking to represent themselves.

Welcome to Rhode island Divorce Coaching, a service provided to teach Pro Se individuals how best to present their case to the court, what is the best approach to take, what important principles of law are involved and how to properly address the court so that your case has the best chance of being taking seriously and processed expeditiously.

It is my goal that these services with be a benefit to Rhode Islanders and New Divorce Practitioners by providing them with the fundamentals at a low cost by having a mentor to help them while reducing the court's perception of the Pro Se litigant as an individual who is uninformed and is going to frustrate the process as a whole.

If you can't afford a lawyer, a little divorce and family law coaching may be just what the doctor ordered.  It's affordable and it's designed to help you represent yourself and potentially reduce the court's anxiety as well as your own.

As Rhode Island's pioneer of Divorce Coaching you may find yourself skeptical.  A divorce coaching session lasts 1 hour and costs only $100 which is less than half of what attorneys of similar experience and skills get on an hourly basis. 

If you have a divorce or family law issue and you are thinking about representing yourself and you would ultimately like to get heard, you may want to get on the phone and call me.

No other lawyer in Rhode Island is offering this service so if you believe it may be beneficial to you or a friend or family member, bookmark this page now.  Divorce coaching is the next waive of the future for Rhode Island Divorce clients and I've brought it to Rhode Island early.  As its founder and pioneer I am happy to say that I already have several very satisfied clients.

As new as Divorce Coaching is, I have already been able  to coach several people who achieved results that I believe were better than the results  most likely could have obtained for them myself.

Get tremendously valuable coaching from a highly qualified professional Rhode Island Divorce lawyer at 65% less than the value of these services from lawyers with similar experience and skill.

All I ask is that you don't call me asking for free legal advice. We all need to do our part in this world but we all need to make a living too.  If your divorce or family law issue doesn't mean enough to you to come up with $100 for my time, skill and experience, then how can you expect me to take your issue seriously when its not worth you coming up with $100 for good solid legal help that usually costs $225.

Testimonials are coming soon.

Welcome to Rhode Island Divorce Coaching!

Authored By:

Christopher A. Pearsall, Attorney-at-Law

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