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Uncontested RI Divorces - What Rhode Islanders Need to be wary of!

Work Out Your Divorce or You're Subject to the Men and Women in Black!

If I've learned anything as a lawyer after practicing Rhode Divorce daily for all these years it is this:

It is best to settle your divorce either with or without a lawyer.  Why?  It is really a matter of practical common sense.  Your divorce will take into account your life, your assets, your debts and especially the lives of your children. 

Do these things mean anything to you?

Now, there are only two options to resolve your divorce.  Either you resolve your divorce with your spouse, or you spend time and money on a divorce lawyer and go to trial where a family court in a robe who does not know you or your family, who must remain impartial, and who has a variety of other cases to hear . . . determine what will have to you and everything you have in your life.

Option #1: You have control over settling your case.

Option #2:  You do not have control over your life to the men and women in black.

Which option sounds better to you for your Rhode Island Divorce?  Would you rather have a choice about your family and your belongings or would you rather put it in the hands of a judge who impartially considers the evidence and renders a decision?

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