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Divorce Coaching has taken on several different meanings in the past few years.  There is a wide diversity between what one person means by a Divorce Coach as compared to what another person means.  Substantially, I have found that divorce coaches may (1) be a coach to help a person in a divorce move forward in their life after the divorce proceeding is over by helping the person being coached to focus on the promise that the future holds, or in another instance a person may (2) may be a coach for spouses going through a divorce so they can amicably resolve their emotional issues and realize that while their relationship doesn't work as husband and wife and divorce is going to occur, they can each move forward without hatred, looking at the promise of the future and the positive influence they can have on each other and/or their children.

 *  Meet a New Concept - Rhode Island's Legal Divorce Coach  *

The fact is, not everyone can afford a divorce lawyer, even with the affordability that I attempt to provide in my law practice.  Yet everyone should have access to some sort of professional legal assistance.  At the same time, professional legal services that take years of schooling and diligent effort are not without significant value and worthy of compensation.

However, these two issues do find a way to blend with one another with compromise between client and lawyer.  This is where you find the client seeking a lawyer for divorce coaching.  By engaging a Rhode Island divorce attorney who is willing to coach you through a divorce or family law situation, you are provided with valuable information that attorney has learned through practice and now passes on to you to help you handle your own divorce matter or to help you deal with the more crucial parts of the process such as the initial divorce filing, how the hearing should proceed, the timing of the interlocutory order that should enter following your divorce hearing, and the procedure for entry of the final judgment of divorce. 

With such coaching you spend time with the attorney who provides you with his or her knowledge and experience to try to guide you through the process without requiring the attorney to represent you in the process.  By removing the attorney from the representation portion of the divorce, you make the attorney available to coach others, you limit the divorce attorney's liability and you undertake your own representation with the help of a professional to guide you through it.  This, of course, results in a substantially reduced price since your legal divorce coach can assist you by telephone, in person or by email but does not have to dress for and travel to court, pay for parking, wait for your case to be called, and spend other valuable time that could be used helping other clients but which you might end up paying for if the attorney is left unavailable for other work.

The legal divorce coach is a new innovation I have yet to discover on the internet or through other colleagues and Rhode Island practitioners over the last decade.  However, it has recently become a growing part of my practice as more and more people seek legal guidance but not necessarily legal representation in the area of Rhode Island Divorce and Family Law.

Are you seeking legal guidance?  Do you desire to know your legal rights as a situation develops?  Do you need someone to help you along the way but not necessarily represent you?  Perhaps you are the perfect candidate for my Rhode Island Divorce and Family Law Coaching Program.

Feel free to call me to discuss it.  Clients will be taken on a first-come first coached basis and each person will be individually evaluated based upon his or her needs and the cost that would be associated with it.  No rates will be available over the telephone since rates will vary with each individual's needs as determined by the attorney after consultation.   A low-cost consultation of $50 is required for this new service offering.

I look forward to helping those in need of Rhode Island Divorce and Family law services in this new service offering.

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