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Rhode Island Divorce Lawyers - Top 10 Things They Should Tell You!

The Top 10 Things Rhode Island Divorce Lawyers should be telling you!

1.  A Divorce Lawyer's Independent Judgment - As his or her RI divorce client, a Rhode Island Divorce lawyer should inform you that you are hiring the lawyer for his or her expertise in this area of law and therefore the attorney retains a certain degree of independent judgment in your matter to protect your interests.

2.  Client's Final Say - That as the Rhode Island lawyer's divorce client, you have the authority to reasonably direct the attorney as to the direction and methods involved in your case to the extent that it doesn't excessively class with the attorney's independent judgment and the reason you have hired the lawyer, namely to protect your legal interests.

3.  Reasonably Informed -Your Rhode Island Divorce lawyer has the obligation to keep you reasonably informed about matters involving your case, however this does not vitiate your obligation as the client to keep abreast of your legal matter.

4.  No Guarantees - The Rhode Island Family Court is not a forum of certainties.  In any divorce proceeding there are factors that no lawyer can predict and these factors can vastly affect the outcome.  No lawyer can guarantee any result in a divorce matter, except that a divorce will be granted to a party who is able to prove his or her case.

5.  No Win Situation - No one wins in Rhode Island Family Court in a divorce.  It is those who reasonably resolve their differences equitably and resolve themselves to moving on with their lives with dignity losing less of their lives, their time, their money, their energy and their self-esteem who benefit most from the Rhode Island Divorce process.

6.  Leave Vendettas at the Door - Divorce proceedings are not a forum for settling personal vendettas.  The Rhode Island Family Court is intended through it's divorce process to assist married couples in the protection of their children and the proper separation of their assets and debts so that each party can most equitably continue with their lives. 

7.  Realistic Expectations - Having Realistic expectations consistent with the circumstances of your marriage are the fundamental key to a proper and timely resolution to a divorce in the least difficult manner for all parties. 

8.  Legal Rights versus Practical Application - Rhode Island Divorce Lawyers should be telling you both your legal rights and the practical outcome of asserting those rights since the advocacy of your legal rights may be entirely different in practice than as is contained in statutes or case law.

9.  Judicial Discretion - Rhode Island Family Court judges are empowered with substantial discretion.  Each case is different.  Each judge may exercise his or her discretion differently.

10.  Three Unpredicatable Factors - There are three factors that are likely to be unpredictable to one or both parties at the outset of a divorce case and substantially affect each and every case.  The three factors are (1) your spouse's response / posture in the divorce case, (2) the divorce lawyer(s) your spouse engages to represent him or her, and (3) the judge assigned to the case.  Each of these factors can have a substantial and unexpected impact on your divorce and its end result.

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