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One Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer's Helping Hand to the Public!

There is no need for legalese in this particular blog posting about Rhode Island Divorce.  This is simply a message going out to all those people out there who absolutely cannot afford a lawyer to take them through their Rhode Island divorce.

To make things short, sweet and to the point . . . I'd like to help you.  Now admittedly, I can't do it for free because obviously I need to make a living myself.  I have bills to pay, a car to run and all the things that my readers have to deal with as well.  However, I can make it easier.

If I were able to help you by drafting the divorce documents for you for a small flat rate, would that be of help to you?

If I were able to help you respond to some documents that have been served upon you for a small flat rate, would that bring your stress level down?

Or perhaps you just need the process explained to you.  Wouldn't that help to ease your anxiety?

How early do you want to go grey?

I noticed a fellow who is 15 years younger than me.  When last I saw him he had lots of jet black hair.  That was about 9 years ago.  He practices law just as I do, but I was astounded to see what he looked like.  He had lost much of his hair and it had gone from jet black to "pepper and salt".

Now, normally you'd say "salt and pepper" but this fine gentleman had so little of his dark hair left that calling it "pepper" is a compliment.  Now, he doesn't practice divorce law.  He's another area of law that I certainly would call a "less stress" area of law.  Yet he looked like Ebeniezer Scrooge.  Perhaps he hadn't noticed it.  I don't know.  But that's what stress and anxiety does to people, it accelerates that "greying process".

Is it worth it to you to pay some money to prevent the stress and anxiety that causes that greying?

If you answered, "Yes" then give me a call.  I might be able to help you.  While I'm certainly not "The Hair Club for Men".... or "The Hair Club for Women", I am certainly a preventative measure you can take.

Divorce can be a treacherous territory filled with documents and requirements that you may not be aware of.  Would you rather go back to the courthouse 3, 5 or even 10 times because you didn't get all the divorce filing paperwork correct?  Ouch. . . wouldn't that be frustrating?  Couldn't that cause more greying due to the stress on your system?

Why not call me for some help?  I would be happy to help you with your Rhode Island Divorce Documents for a reasonable flat fee. 

Let me take the mystery and the hassle out of your divorce filings or what the receipt of those documents mean.

Well, I've thrown it out there for you.  Most Rhode Island Divorce lawyers probably wouldn't do this, but then again, I'm not just any Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer . . . . I'm a divorce lawyer for the people.  The people need help.  Maybe YOU need help.

Give me a call, what have you got to lose.  Absolutely nothing at all!

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