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In my involvement of the day to day daily law practice for a decade now I've seen a lot of crap.  Sometimes it just pushes you to the brink.  Day in and day out I deal with colleagues that I can't stand because they have no moral compass.  Their ethical duty to their client and their own paycheck to meet their own expenses seems to be the primary motivating factor in what they do.  It doesn't matter if what they are doing is morally reprehensible as long as it doesn't directly violate our Professional Code of Ethical Conduct as attorneys. 

Unfortunately, morality is more subjective than objective and the Rules of Professional Conduct are designed to form a bare bones template so to speak to keep us within financial and ethical conduct that are generally considered right or wrong based upon either the majority of public opinion or by the comparison of the actions with the possible consequences if the attorney were to violate a particular covenant, such as the commingling of attorney funds with client funds and the possible loss of those funds under those circumstances.

Daily Rhode Island Divorce Lawyers think nothing of violating both ethical and moral standards by misleading the court.  If they can get away with it then the presumption is that it is acceptable.

Sorry Colleages... It's not acceptable to this fellow.  For more than a decade attorneys have urged me to "play the game".  Yet this isn't a game to the clients we represent.  This is their lives!  Is there a more sacred task that we are assigned than to be entrusted with a part of a persons life based upon our skills.

Several attorneys have marvelous reputations.  Yet how did they get them.  In my experience, their reputations are overblown and result not from skill in the process on a moral or ethical level but because they are willing to do whatever is necessary to win a case for their client regardless of whether it is immoral, unethical or beyond the bounds of a reasonable human conscience.

Consider the fact that if I as a Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer I see this conduct regularly.  Yet still I seek to remain within the bounds of my own morality and that of my client while still complying with my ethical conduct.  How might it be to be the only honest lawyer in Rhode Island fighting for a client buried by innuendo and conjecture from a better know attorney whose word is valued more than mine simply by virtue of years of practice before the court.

Where does w Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer wearing the White Hat of justice turn when opposing a system with obvious biases from days long forgotten.  Today is a new era and the court and it's practitioners need to be held accountable for their conduct.  Yet the checks and balances of judges and practitioners seem to rely more upon public opinion than upon whether things are being done correctly by practitioners and judges.

The people of Rhode Island clamor for moral Integrity in our practitioners and in our judiciary.  Will we deliver on the promise.  It is my hope that I am one of several acting as a catalyst to move us in that direction.

Justice is a worthless concept without its practice in our courts and by our practitioners.  Justice needs renewal, not only in family court but in many of our courts today.  Let's end the political backstabbing and jousting for position.  Let's do what is right for the people of Rhode Island and those who come before our court.  The system is not too late to rectify. 

It only took a few good men to write the Constitution of the United States.  Let's strive for the good people we need now to return our legal professions to the greatness it once had.

If I must wage war on those who choose to line their pockets over those who choose integrity first, then so be it!   The consumer needs more people willing to stand for what it right.  So to those divorce lawyers  who line their pockets at the expense of the client's hard earned money, I suggest you think twice.

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