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Rhode Island Divorce for those Who Want to Handle it Themselves!

Many people believe that a Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer isn't necessary in a "simple" divorce. 

What is a "simple" divorce? 

Well, different people describe it differently when they call me. 

Some say it's a divorce where they have agreed on "everything" with their spouse so it shouldn't cost much.

Others say, it's simple because they don't have children, no real estate, and they've split up their personal belongings.

Ultimately, even an attorney doesn't know if it is a "simple" divorce until it is done because legal issues arise along the way frequently. 

As Rhode Island Divorce Lawyers it is our job to anticipate as many legal issues as possible based upon the circumstances presented us.  We think on our feet and adapt to legal issues as they arise and as new facts are presented. 

Yet even as divorce attorneys we can't anticipate every circumstance and every consequence that arises as a case moves along.  This would require us to have some sort of clairvoyance that allows us to see every future event that might happen in every case and that's not just a tall order for a good attorney, it's an unreasonable expectation.

But I can understand that many people can't afford even affordable Rhode Island Divorce Attorneys like myself, or they don't see the value we provide and they choose to try to do it themselves.

I've also realized that there are some people that are overwhelmed simply by the process and the documents that must be filed in a Rhode Island Divorce or in a proceeding that is going forward before the Rhode Island Family Court.

So, as a way of helping that last group of people who don't want to use Rhode Island Divorce lawyers for their full case but still need a little help, I  offer a low cost consultation, I can also offer you a price to create the documents you need for your divorce or family law proceeding and you can handle the rest on your own if you like. 

Or perhaps you'd like some advice from a consultation with me together with few documents.  In this way, I can relieve your stress of preparing the documents and knowing what must be filed by making sure you have everything you need. 

I might even be able to assist you with a strategy or two that may help make things easier for you.

It's different.  It's innovative.  Most divorce lawyers won't do it but I will.

A colleague of mine calls it my

"Ala Carte Divorce & Family Law Assistance Plan"

Though it may sound funny.  It's fairly accurate.  Skeptical?  Perhaps you'd like to talk to one of my existing clients.  Just let me know.

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