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Rhode Island Divorce: What are Case Management Conferences?

In the Rhode Island family courts a divorce may run on one of two tracks the "Nominal" or Uncontested Track and the Contested Track.

This brief article on Rhode Island divorces addresses what are known as Case Management Conferences which only occur on the Contested Track Calendar.

What is a Case Management Conference?

Answer:  A Case Management Conference (often referred to by Rhode Island Divorce attorneys as a "CMC") is the first opportunity or meeting on the Contested Track Divorce Calendar in which the attorneys for the parties meet with the judge.  Usually this meeting takes place in the Judge's chambers.  The meeting often consists of the Judge identifying who represents the husband and who represents the wife.  The judge will often expect the attorneys disclose information that will help the judge guide the attorneys on how various issues in your particular situation might be viewed by the court even based on the limited information that may be provided to the Judge. 

I say "limited information" because the judge must keep his calendar moving and only so much time may be reasonably allocated for each conference otherwise other parties will not be heard at all and the court calender will become backed up further if the parties scheduled to have conferences or hearings on the date of your Case Management Conference are not heard.  Everyone has a story they want to be told in the Rhode Island Family Court, but often times there is not enough time in Case Management Conference for the attorneys to tell each parties' story in full.  Therefore the attorneys and the judge must stick to the fundamentals.

The judge is likely to want to know the following:


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