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RI Alimony - A Refresher by Rhode Island Divorce Attorney Christopher A. Pearsall

Alimony is an important concept to understand under Rhode Island law.

The Rhode Island media, in fact the media in general with television shows like, LA Law, Law and Order and articles about fat divorce settlements that include large alimony payments in the National Enquirer and even movies such as the comedy Liar, Liar leave Rhode Islanders with the notion that alimony is typical, commonplace and, in fact, an entitlement.  Unfortunately as the media creates its entertainment or information to sell more newspapers and raise its profitability can, and does, foster the idea in the minds of our citizenry that alimony really is an entitlement by a spouse and should be demanded by an aggrieved spouse who expects to suffer a decrease in his or her finances after a divorce if alimony is not granted by the court.

To gain a better understanding of Rhode Island alimony, you may wish to review the Rhode Island Domestic Relations section of the General Laws regarding Divorce & Separation, the more specific section relating to alimony appears below but since the laws are updating constantly it is always advisable to check your local library and any update services as well as the cases that interpret the Alimony statute before taking any action on your own.  The section below has been quoted, in pertinent part, from the Rhode Island Government Website as of this date.


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