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Rita and Chester - A Post Rhode Island Divorce Tragedy

Rita and Chester have been divorced for many years. They had four children together and live within about five (5) blocks from each other.

The marriage broke down when Rita's best friend (who was also married) began sleeping with Chester on the side.  This lead of course to a divorce several years back.  Rita got placement of the four (4) children, Tammy, Lucy, William and Christine.

Later, Chester decided he was going to take Rita off the health and dental insurance to save some money even though it was in violation of the Rhode Island Final Divorce Decree. 

Later when it came time to modify child support to take care of his children, Chester selfishly hid money and assets and with the help of his lawyer reduced the child support to it's lowest denominator.

Rita was reasonable.  She just wanted to be back on the insurance and receive just a little bit more child support to help with the children.  Rita had her lawyer send a reasonable letter asking for a "sit down" to discuss the issues. 

Chester's response was to have a lawyer buddy of his file a half dozen bogus motions against Rita alleging she is a crazed lunatic and having her publicly served at work on the day Rita's lawyer had asked for a response about sitting down for a discussion.  Chester's lawyer buddy doesn't charge him a dime.

Rita's attorney objects to the motions.  Rita's attorney files a Motion to Modify Child Support and a Motion to Adjudge Chester in Willful Contempt.  These are the very same issues the letter from Rita's attorney asked to discuss.

Chester's lawyer continues to litter the court with motion after motion, all of which are bogus and unfounded.  The motions sought restraining orders, change of placement of the children away from Rita to Chester and Emergency Motions for Change of Placement.

Rita's lawyer saw it for what it was... a smoke-screen.  Chester works late and never mentioned getting placement of the children.  In fact, he didn't show up at PTA meetings or participate in most of the children's doctor's appointments  or school events.

Through delays of illness and other excuses, Chester's lawyer obtained continuance after continuance from the court.  Chester's lawyer was able to call all of his client's witnesses.  It took over 2 years.

Suddenly, when Rita has a chance to present her case, her lawyer is informed that due to court scheduling  and the length of time the matter had been pending, it would have to be remanded to a new county and begin again.

Chester's buddy hadn't charged him a dime to create this elaborate and bogus smoke screen.

Rita had drained her retirement fund substantially only to be informed she had to start again.

Though the tragedy goes on . . . I can tell you. . . there are some attorneys who don't care.

They don't care if they destroy your life.

They don't care if they pull your family apart.

They don't care if they violate the rules of ethics.

They don't have even a remote sense of moral integrity.

Even given the circumstances above, what kind of attorney would you want?

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