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Rhode Island Divorce Tip: Check with Your Attorney!

For those who haven't been in a Rhode Island Divorce before or who have ignored the single sheet of paper in the Complaint and Service packet called the "Automatic Orders" it's a pretty good idea to check with your attorney before you take any major actions or make any major moves in your divorce.

Though the Automatic Orders of the Court are fairly narrow in scope, it is certainly possible to violate them unknowingly.

For instance you might have a car that is up for sale at the time the constable has your papers to serve your spouse with.  You sell the car and spend the money before your spouse is served. 

Congratulations, you have just violated the Automatic Orders of the Court.  It may be a minor thing conceptually but depending upon the value of the car, the court might see it as a big thing because as the filing party you were bound not to sell any assets at the time you signed your Divorce Complaint.

Rule of Thumb!  Before you do anything in a divorce proceeding make sure you are familiar with the Automatic Orders and keep in mind their underlying purpose. . . to preserve the status quo.

It's never a good idea to start off your divorce on the wrong foot by violating the court's Automatic Orders.

All My Best to You on Your Journey Through The RI Family Court,
Attorney Christopher A. Pearsall a.k.a. "The Rhode Island Divorce Coach"™