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More and more I realize as people come in for consultations and don't return to take advantage of the services offered by my office, I wonder, "why"?   

Their initial reaction seems as though they are communicating to me that what I am offering is out of their price range or that it is, perhaps, not in keeping with the costs charged by other attorneys who offer the same degree or level or services.

Honestly, it baffles me.  My colleagues would first tell you that because I value my client's case so much I tend to overlook billing quite a bit of the work I do for the clients.  This, of course, translates into a loss for me and a gain for my clients.

Admittedly, there are of course those attorneys who have been practicing longer than I have been.  Perhaps this merits a greater fee as a Rhode Island Divorce Attorney . . . then again perhaps not.  I've noted that there is much I can learn from my fellow divorce attorneys and yet at the same time there are those who might benefit from my philosophies and insights.

Yet in all of this age versus experience, versus tenacity comparing I have learned that by and large those who practice full-time divorce and family law in Rhode Island generally get about $200 per hour plus a retainer anywhere between $2,500 and $5,000.  Of course I can only imagine that the higher retainer is reserved for those cases the Rhode Island Divorce Attorney foresees as being potentially more problematic.

Now, assuming this to be the average for Rhode Island Divorce Attorneys, for the sake of example, why would a client elect a higher fee and retainer in favor of a lower one if the client has never used either attorney's services?

Perhaps it's the personal connection with the attorney at the initial meeting?

Perhaps it's a free consultation versus a paid consultation?

Yet if you wanted valuable information at a consultation, wouldn't you expect to pay for that value?

Or better yet, if it were a free consultation . . . . how much value do you think you are going to get when you are taking up an attorney's time and not paying him or her a dime for practicing his or her livelihood?

Happily I remain a low cost attorney who charges a nominal amount for a Rhode Island Divorce consultation. 

Perhaps most important is that no fee, big or small, and no retainer, large or small will guarantee any result in a family court proceeding.

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