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On November 1, 2007, new Rhode Island Child Support Guidelines went into effect.  These guidelines take into consideration the cost of living and changes in lifestyles, educational costs and other economic considerations since the last set of guidelines were released in 2002.

Essentially you should know that the manner in which child support is calculated has remained the same but the numbers have, of course, increased.

Those who currently pay child support under the 2002 Rhode Island Child Support Guidelines (and especially under the prior guidelines before that) should think long and hard before considering whether it is financially beneficial to modify your child support.   In some instances it may not even be financially practical to modify your child support if one of your children is emancipated. 

Keep in mind that this is all dependent on the gross income of parents and any deductions either parent may be entitled to for having new children, etc....

For non-custodial parents just entering the Rhode Island Divorce and Family Court system, be prepared to hear some numbers for child support that may be a bit shocking.  A quick review of a sampling of the numbers as compared to the 2002 Guidelines revealed an 8 to 10% increase in the payment of a non-custodial parent in his or her child support.