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Rhode Island Divorce Tip: Work with Your Spouse!

A Rhode Island Divorce can be hard enough without all the costs that go with it.

Yet what does that have to do with the title "Work with Your Spouse!", right?"

Well, it isn't easy but if you and your wife can get to the point of realizing that you are adults, can and should act like adults and that you are adult enough to work out the settlement of your divorce together then you can save a lot of money on your divorce.

Recently Carly came to me and paid me for a divorce consultation.  Carly and her husband Jacob had been married a long time. 

Carly asked if she and Jacob could come in together and whether I could advise them both.  I told Carly I was prohibited from representing them both in the same proceeding because their interests were adverse to one another. 

Carly asked how they could just use one lawyer and save money on their divorce?

My answer?  Work with your Spouse!

Carly was nervous but she did just that.  She and Jacob worked out every aspect of what they wanted to agree to and they came in to see me.  Jacob said that he was fine with the fact that I represented his wife and he was comfortable with the arrangement they had come to.

Carly told me what she promised to do and Jacob told me what he promised to do in return.  I explained to them that I would hold both of them to their promises and I explained to Jacob that I considered him "PRO SE" and therefore I was required to treat him fairly and ethically and I could not deceive him or I would be violating my oath to uphold the law and I could be subject to disciplinary action.

In the end, the divorce will complete shortly and after countless divorces it will be the cheapest divorce I have ever helped a couple with and the most amicable as well. 

How is this possible?  Work with your Spouse!

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