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Rhode Island Divorce Tip: Take it or Leave it.

Rhode Island Divorce Tip: Get a Divorce Lawyer!

The title of this Rhode Island Divorce tip article isn't intended to be self-promotion, although if anyone comes to my door I will consider their case.

However, this tip is meant in all seriousness and should be taken seriously. 

The fact is, that every lawyer licensed to practice law in the State of Rhode Island can prepare a divorce and put it through the Rhode Island court system.

So where's the tip, right?

That's it!  Every lawyer is licensed to put divorces through the court system. . . but should they?

The Rhode Island Supreme Court licenses all of us as attorneys in the general practice of law, including me.

When attorney's advertise or promote themselves in a specific area of law it is because they have chosen to do so and NOT because they are particularly good at it.

That is why I tell you to get a 'Divorce' Lawyer.  If you are going to spend money to protect your rights, then make sure that you spend it on an attorney who regularly practices divorce and family law before the Rhode Island Family Courts.  Regularly does not mean once or twice a month in my estimation.

Let me give you an example.  I have had a case with an attorney in the past few months who clearly is NOT a divorce attorney.  The attorney used the wrong summons, an ancient divorce complaint form, requested child support for a 20 year old daughter, and was seeking alimony for a woman without any disabilities with a Masters Degree in Culinary Arts.  These are only four (4) of the nine (9) glaring mistakes I found on the initial divorce package that my client received.

A divorce will affect your life, your finances, your retirement benefits, your relationships with your children and more.  Be sure you entrust something this important to an attorney who practices family law regularly and can answer most of your questions intelligently without a bunch of double-talk.

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* The Rhode Island Supreme Court licenses all lawyers in the general practice of law and has no procedure for recognition of specialty in any area of law.