Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer: Overtime May Affect Your Rhode Island Child Support!
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Rhode Island Divorce Lawyers: Modifying Rhode Island Child Support!

In Rhode Island, child support is most typically a monetary amount of money that is paid by the parent having visitation with the child or children.  It is an amount that the court deems the child(ren) is entitled to from both parents for the child's support.  The parent having visitation is then generally ordered to pay his or her percentage share of the total support amount that is calculated to be due to the child(ren) based upon that parent's percentage of his or her income to the combined gross income of both parents of the child.

* * * How is Rhode Island Child Support calculated?  * * *

Rhode Island Child Support is set pursuant to the Rhode Island Child Support Guidelines with adjustments by the Rhode Island Family Court judge as provided in the guidelines or within the Judge's discretion as allowed by law since the Rhode Island Child support guidelines could never anticipate every factual set of circumstances under which adjustments should be made.

* * * When are Motions to Modify your Child Support typically filed?  * * *

A Motion to Modify a Child Support obligation is typically filed with the Rhode Island Family Court when there is a "substantial change in circumstances".  Generally speaking a substantial change in circumstances occur when the combined gross income of the parents of the child has changed by 10% from the time when the Rhode Island Family Court last entered an order for child support.

* * * What events can cause a 10% "substantial change in circumstances?" * * *

1.  Loss of a job or layoff
2.  Loss of paid medical benefits through your employer
3.  Hospitalizations
4.  New job that pays more money or less money
5.  Birth of a new child to either parent
6.  Discontinued overtime from your employer
7.  Child is working and contributing to the placement household
8.  Unemployment
9.  Out on TDI or are hospitalized
10. Any other circumstance that causes a change of at least 10% in the combined gross income of both parents