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Rhode Island Divorce . . . Unchecked Emotion Prevents Motion!

Divorce proceedings are difficult. 

Emotion is perhaps the greatest factor that affects divorce proceedings. 

Divorce itself is merely a legal mechanism for the division of a contractual partnership between two spouses that no longer functions for both parties. However, because it is interwoven with the relationship between the spouses, emotions can easily come to the forefront as hurt, rage, sadness, depression, greed, envy and loss.

Emotions are powerful. They can too easily clutter the mind and cloud a party from reason and common sense.  Without a good mental health counselor or even legal counselor to help keep you on the right path of what is practical, commonsensical, and in your best interests mentally, physically and/or financially it is easy for emotions to set you back in a divorce further than you thought possible. 

Emotions can become a hinge pin in your divorce.  If you allow your emotions to control your decision making then they can prevent positive forward motion of a divorce in your favor or send you on a backward momentum that prevents you from moving forward and causing you even more loss and pain.

Hiring the right divorce lawyer can ease your emotional hinge pin.   An experienced family law attorney who is professionally and personally familiar with the family law process can help guide you through the legal turmoil and the emotional destruction that comes from vindictive spouses, feelings of abandonment, rejection, rage, and failure.  If you are lucky enough to find a lawyer who has been through the process they will likely be empathetic to what you are going through and make the process easier.

When searching for the right attorney for you, balance is key.  Does the attorney demonstrate experience in the area of divorce and family law issues in Rhode Island?  Does the attorney regularly practice before the family courts in Rhode Island? Does the attorney appreciate your non-legal concerns about the relationship itself and endeavor to anticipate what effect this might have on you in the future emotionally, legally and possibly financially?  Has the attorney experienced the family court system himself or herself so he or she can truly appreciate how important your matter is to you?

Emotion when left unchecked often prevents positive Motion in a divorce so you can get to the end of the proceeding and move forward with your life!  One of the best things you can do for yourself is to find the right experienced lawyer who cares about you!

Get the right divorce attorney and you may just help yourself to restore the positive motion back in your life.